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11 Different Female Orgasm Ideas - Part 1


The "Grafenberg spot, or the G spot, rediscovered and popularized by Dr. Ernst Grafenberg, is an area of tissue that surrounds the urethra tube. The urethra is the female duct for urinating.

The G spot is located just inside the top of the vagina. Internally, G spot tissue is erectile and can swell when a woman is sexually aroused which may be evident from the exterior and interior of the vagina. Exterior evidence of the G spot may be seen around the urethra hole as the area swells. Interior evidence can be felt one to four inches inside the vagina on the upper wall. It can be described as a slightly protruding seam or bean type texture felt by using one or two fingers.

Stimulating the G spot initially may give a woman a feeling of the need to urinate. If a woman can get past the feeling of having to urinate, she may experience great pleasure in G spot stimulation to the point of ejaculating a burst of hot liquid from her urethra duct, drenching her and her partner. This liquid is not urine but can be mistaken as urine. It is usually clear or milky, and odorless with variable taste of bitter to very sweet. It does not stain like urine and dries into a flaky substance that is easily brushed off of most surfaces.


When using the penis to stimulate the G spot, a little can go a long way. If you can get the right position, it only takes 2 to 4 inches of penis to hit it just right. Deep penetration could miss the spot completely.
Some recommended positions are:

1. Have your lover lie on her back. Put her legs over your shoulders. Insert your penis no more that three inches so the head is on the G spot. Use short pelvic thrusts or slow probing motions until she feels a sensation of more pleasure. You may try rubbing her clit with your thumb and pressing on the outside of her stomach right over the G spot to add more pleasure.

2. Have your lover lie on her back with her legs over your thighs . Sit with your knees bent as low as you can, while her lower back or butt rests on your thighs. You may try holding her hips for support. She can recline or sit up. Move your penis upward and around toward the G spot with short pelvic thrusts or slow probing motions until she feels a sensation of more pleasure.

3. Have your lover lie on her stomach with her legs together or spread. Experiment with her sitting up or lying down. Also experiment with her lying flat or with her butt stuck up in the air. Move your penis downward and around toward the G spot with short pelvic thrusts or slow probing motions until she feels a sensation of more pleasure.

Try variations of these methods lying on their sides facing each other or from behind. While facing each other, deep, passionate kissing could intensify the experience dramatically.


All women will respond differently to G spot stimulation.

Some may find it hard to get past the feeling of urinating while others go into ecstasy immediately upon touching the spot. It may be easier for a woman to get past the feeling of urination after she has had at least a small orgasm. As she is lying on her back, insert one or two fingers, preferably the middle finger for length, into the vagina with your palm up. Curl the finger(s) upward until a lumpy or slightly protruding area is felt. Massage both sides of the area while communicating with your partner what feels best.

You may find that significant pressure is needed, to the point of stretching the walls of the vagina up until the pubic bone is felt.

You may also find that a constant, motionless touch to the G spot is all it takes to bring a woman to orgasm.


So is it possible to have an orgasm without ejaculating?

Yes and many men have mastered their own techniques. I will teach you several techniques of experiencing orgasm without ejaculation.

That's right, a man does not have to ejaculate during a full-blown orgasm. By strengthening the PC muscle he can hold his semen and still have a full orgasm. The best part is, you will usually be able to sustain your erection or regain it with little effort.

This may enable a man to sustain an indefinite erection most of the time.
Why does a man feel so drained after ejaculating, because he just shot all his energy out of his penis? A man's body will put all it's energy into the act of ejaculating because procreation depends on it. It’s nature's way of giving sperm an extra boost.


There are several ways to buffer the nerves in your penis. I encourage you to experiment and develop your own methods too.

1. Allow 5-10 minutes to pass with a full erection before intercourse or direct stimulation. This will enable the spongy tissue in the penis to become fully dilated, giving you more control with a harder erection. The nerves in the penis will naturally buffer themselves because of the tremendous contraction of the tissue.

2. Once you have gained a full erection you may also firmly squeeze and release your penis several times from the base to the tip allowing some of the energy to flow out your penis, through your hand. The nerves will in-turn lose some of their sensitivity allowing you to build up more energy without ejaculatory spasms. You may use this method several times during sex if needed.

3. Adding to #2: As you contract and relax your PC muscle you may also circle the base of your penis with your thumb and index finger. Then with your other hand, firmly squeeze and release your penis several times from the base to the tip.

Now lets move on to chapter 11 and talk about controlling the flow of sexual energy.

Blog Continued: 11 Different Female Orgasm Ideas - Part 2

11 Different Female Orgasm Ideas - Part 2

6)  Momentum

First, lets talk about momentum. A car moving at a rate of 60 mph compared to a car moving at a rate of 5 mph will require more force in a given period of time to stop. The same is true with your ejaculation, sometimes but not always. I will explain “sometimes but not always”.

Hard and fast stimulation to the penis may cause a significant amount of ejaculatory momentum or energy, making it extremely hard to resist ejaculating. Then on the other hand slow stimulation may result in a relatively low amount of ejaculatory momentum making it easier to resist the act of ejaculating.

Your PC muscle is the force that slows or buffers the momentum.

7)  Strengthening the PC Muscle

The PC muscle controls urine flow and ejaculation. Contracting this muscle before and/or at the point of ejaculation can prolong stamina and penile erections.

The contraction of a strong PC muscle can completely block the flow of semen enabling an orgasm without ejaculation, which may allow for unlimited stamina. To locate your PC muscle, squeeze as if you are trying to stop the flow of urine. That is your PC muscle. Exercising the PC muscle is one of the most boring things I can think of, but it is well worth the time and effort.

You will have to schedule your own routine. It could be in the morning before you get up or at work in a chair. Practice interrupting your urine flow, also.

Contract the PC muscle for 10 seconds then rest with one deep breath. Repeat until the muscle is exhausted. Try to keep up with the count working up to 100 - 200 contractions a day. This may take several weeks. Always breathe normal when exercising Avoid holding your breath, and always breathe normal to heavy during sex. Your body needs the fresh oxygen for energy.

8)  Vaginal Orgasm

The vaginal cavity is usually not a highly sensitive area to most women until fully aroused. The vagina walls can be gorged with blood, becoming sensitive to fondling, deep pressure or different types of rhythmic or thrusting movements but this is likely the result of clitoral and G-spot stimuli as well, or just the pure excitement of having sex.

Since the clit is so close to the vaginal cavity, it may receive stimulation by pressure of the male pelvic area or hand during deep, rhythmic movements causing it to get pulled or pressed. A vaginal orgasm can be the result of the clit or G spot being stimulated, and can differ in degree from a small pelvic sensation to a "Full Body Orgasm".

9)  Anal Orgasm

Anal stimulation is a controversial topic so I will just lay down some facts and not get into religious or spiritual beliefs. Nor will I make any moral or immoral comments about anal stimulation. (Personally, I do not recommend anal intercourse.)

The anus is full of highly sensitive and responsive nerve endings that can be stimulated like any other genital area causing orgasmic sensations. For males, the prostate may be stimulated by interior anal stimulation. For both sexes, interior anal stimulation could result in orgasm with or without ejaculation. Many report having anal orgasms and full body orgasms during enemas.

The anal muscles are strong and when squeezed during any type of orgasm can enhance other orgasmic sensations. Anal stimulation can be very pleasurable, yet risky. Damage may occur to the colon by deep anal penetration.

Anal stimulation, consequently, can result in sexually transmitted diseases and bacterial infection, also damaging the rectal muscles and tissue, resulting in loss of bowel control, hemorrhoids or death. (Always disinfect anything that has accidentally touched the anus before touching any other part of the body to avoid sickness and disease.)

10)      Mind Orgasm

All orgasms originate from the mind, but I have coined the mind orgasm as one that happens from thought stimulation. Yes, thought is the only stimulation one has during a mind orgasm causing different parts of the body to respond as though they were being physically stimulated. One may experience it by thinking about sex or by reminiscing on a past sexual encounter causing the body to relive everything. Hence a wet dream.

This just goes to show how important it is to be in the right frame of mind for sex. Make love to your lover's mind with romance and kind words, then watch what their brain does to their body. They may have a mind orgasm right before your very eyes.

The good thing about it is you can start making love to your lover with romance over the phone from work or by a card you left before you went to work. With this type of attention, the body will prepare itself all day for an unforgettable night.

Remember not to expect unrealistic responses from your lover. A mind orgasm is like the wind, you don't see it coming or going, but there is evidence of it happening. It takes focused thought to have a mind orgasm, which usually happens by surprise and without effort.

11)      Levels of Sexual Arousal
You must be able to define your levels of sexual arousal (momentum) on a scale from one to five so you can successfully determine the best time to contract your PC muscle.

I suggest having sex with your partner with the sole intention of learning the levels of sexual arousal. You do not have to have intercourse. Hand or oral stimulation is also good for this exercise. Be creative and carefree with lots of foreplay and fun. Start slow with kissing and caressing. It may also be fun for a woman to define her levels of sexual arousal as each of you take turns concentrating on each other, one at a time, briefly describing to one another what each level feels like.

A good atmosphere can make this exercise an enjoyable and rewarding experience as each of you learn more about yourselves and each other. If you do not feel comfortable sharing this exercise with your lover, just learn while making love. The key is to know when to rest and allow your sensitivity to subside and when to squeeze your PC muscle, which is explained later in more detail.

Familiarize yourself with each level keeping in mind that level four will be your most important level. Levels of sexual arousal and momentum:
One - erection without stimulation
Two - stimulation without the feeling of possible ejaculation
Three - stimulation with a controlled felling of pleasure and little or no feeling of ejaculation
Four - feelings of ejaculation
Five - actual ejaculatory spasms