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FAQ on Cunnilingus and Cunnilingus Techniques

Q1. What is cunnilingus?
Cunnilingus is the fine art of making love to a vagina with your mouth and tongue. It is a delicate skill, requiring patience, practice, and dedication to get it right, but any woman you learn to do it right for will appreciate you all the more for it.

What applies to the penis applies to the vulva-- every one is different, requiring a different touch to make its owner happy. But few tools can equal the tongue for the amount of pleasure it can deliver to a happy vagina.
This article assumes that you know what a vulva looks like and can identify with some precision the mons veneris, labia majora, clitoral hood, clitoris, labia minora, rethra, vagina, and perineum, to name them (approximately) from top to bottom.

Q2. How fast should I go?
This isn't an attack. Don't go after the clitoris like a fireman attacking a fire. Quite often at first, the clitoris is far too sensitive for direct stimulation. Lick around it, stimulating the hood, teasing her inner labia, tasting her. Take your time and listen to her. Some women make noise, and some do not. It will be a while before you learn exactly what your lover prefers as far as oral sex is concerned.

Some women may like additional stimulation-- a finger or two into the vagina, or perhaps even the anus. She may want your hands to reach up and play with her breasts, or she may want your fingers to hold her labia apart so that your tongue can get at her vulva more directly.

Q3. I've heard cunnilingus doesn't taste good.
If the taste or smell bothers you or is a concern, ask her to wash first. Most people who enjoy cunnilingus agree that a clean vagina is a good, if acquired, taste.

As a woman nears her climax, she may want more direct stimulation. In general, fast, rhythmic stimulation is most effective at causing climax-- but there shouldn't be a rush to get there. Take your time and learn to appreciate what you can do for her.

Q4. What about cunnilingus during menstruation?
Some people are particularly turned off at the suggestion of cunnilingus during menstruation. If it is a concern to you, then wait. A tampon may well hold the blood back, as will a diaphragm, but some men can't stand the taste anyway. If your partner is healthy, however, there is no particular danger in menstrual blood, and some women find that orgasms during their periods allievate cramps.

Female Oral Sex Techniques

In my experience, one of the main reasons that partners avoid female oral sex is due to a perceived or even experienced poor taste. While it is true that women run the range from pleasant (tasty!) to sour or uric tasting, there are easy steps to ensure that your partner will be tasting her sweetest.

First and most obviously, a good vigorous shower will do much to neutralize the taste of your partner. In fact, oral sex in the shower, while not a favorite method of mine, has a completely neutral taste if you stick to the upper regions of your partner's sex. If your partner has not showered recently, or has physically exerted herself recently, her taste will be much stronger. This, however, can be a good thing!

Secondly, foreplay will improve upon both the taste and the experience in general if your can get her juices flowing. I have never found an extremely aroused, wet woman to taste unpleasant. Quite the contrary!

Do it! Take your time! Have fun! Experiment! A common male misunderstanding is that females are aroused most through physical contact. 

Not true. I have aroused women greatly simply by acting sexy. Tension is a wonderful tool, use it. If you can build tension to the point where the barest touch sends electric shivers through both of you, you can't lose! Similarly, even the best love techniques will not turn on a woman who isn't in the mood. (If you can get her in the mood, well then you're talking.)

Take your time, explore your partner (there's a lot more there than nipples and a clitoris!), build tension, have fun.

There are two basic positions that I have found very versatile and successful. For a very comfortable session, have her lie on her back with legs spread and knees bent slightly. Lie on your stomach between her legs, put your right arm under her left leg and your left arm under her right - somewhat of an intimate hug. Now you should find your head situated conveniently and comfortably near the center of your attention.

Less comfortable, but a bit wilder is the following. Lie on your back, prop a couple of pillows (or fold one over) under your head. Have your partner kneel facing you with one knee on each side of your head, above your shoulders. The sexy part of this position (IMHO) is that your partner can look down at you and watch you eating her out. (Yum) Versatility and comfort are reduced for the giver, so I only occasionally partake in this position.

These are by no means the only positions. Again, experiment, have fun. If you can find a bed where your partner can lie down with her legs dangling off the bed and resting flat on the floor, you're in luck. Now you can have her sit just at the edge of the bed, lie back, and give you plenty of access while you kneel/sit in front of her sex.

Women are very different in some respects of their genitalia, but the major parts are the same. A woman's sex from the oral sex point of view consists of two sets of lips (outer and inner) that meet just below the vaginal opening and some variable distance above the clitoris; the vaginal opening (immediately above the nether meeting of above-mentioned lips), a smooth section of skin between the vaginal opening and the clitoris (I have no clue as to its technical name, hereafter it will be referred to as the "scav") and the clitoris and its surrounding folds.

If you get the chance, explore your partner in a location with decent lighting. Use your hand to spread her sex and explore her, find out what's where and what's what. Like I said earlier, women are different. Especially the location and shape of the clitoris. It can be buried, protruding, surrounded by many folds of flesh, or hanging out it the open. The best method I have found for finding your partner's clitoris (If all else fails, ask!), is to place a finger at the very base of her sex and gently run it up her scav until you feel a slight bump. That's it.

So your partner is showered, excited and feeling sexy. It's the big moment, what to do? Don't simply dive in. Take your time, excite her. In my opinion, I can usually tell how good my partner is at oral sex by how she "goes down" on me. By "going down" I mean the process by which she goes from kissing my lips to sucking oh-so-wonderfully on my sex.

Depending on your partner, different methods of going down will work more effectively. If you've gotten to this point with your partner, you should have a fair idea of what she likes. Take advantage of that knowledge. One thing that I highly recommend however is a sexy look. Sexy looks can make all the difference, and the best place to throw one in is as you're licking, sucking and kissing your way down her stomach stop, look up and smile devilishly.

Unbutton your partners jean's, pull the tabs back and kiss her newly exposed flesh. Unzip her pants, pull the tabs back as far as they can go and place light, tender kisses on her abdomen and around the top of her panties. Watch it, some women are very ticklish here!

(Note the above doesn't work so well if she doesn't have jeans on but you're all smart enough to figure it out...) Once you've removed everything but her panties, stop. You have a unique opportunity for further arousal. Kiss her legs and inner thighs with gentle kisses. Work your way up each leg and make a point of stopping at the line of her underwear. Kiss again along the top of her underwear, and along the other two borders.

Now move to her cotton (silk? lace? latex?) covered sex. Plant firm, dry kisses through her underwear on her sex, low and right around the vaginal entrance works best for me. If your partner is really excited, often her underwear will be damp and will smell (pleasantly) of her sex.

Removing the underwear is again a matter of choice. You know your partner best, I prefer either gently sliding it all the way off with my fingers, or pulling it part way down with my teeth first.

It is not unusual for your partner's lips to be closed together. A very excited woman's lips may be slightly spread already ("pouting"). Again, building tension can be accomplished by light kisses on either side of her sex as well as light blowing. (Do not inflate your partner! This can be very dangerous!!) 

Spreading her lips can be accomplished by placing your tongue first at the base of her sex, and then firmly running your tongue all the way up. Continue with a few long licks from the base of her sex all the way to the top past her clitoris. Vary the firmness of your tongue from hard and pointed to broad and soft.

7) THE BIG "O":
The best and most proven method of making your partner cum through oral sex is by repeated, rhythmic stroking of her clitoris with your tongue. The tongue is uniquely suited for this purpose because of it's texture, versatility, and pliability. It is difficult (and tiring) to apply too much pressure to your partner's clitoris. Some women are much more sensitive than others however. Be receptive to any sharp gasps, you could be being too affectionate. If this is the case, move away from direct contact or adopt a gentler technique.

Repeated, rhythmic stroking can be accomplished in a variety of ways. I prefer either rapid, repeated vertical licks with a firm, pointed tongue, or planting your tongue firmly against your partner's clitoris and vigorously shaking your head back and forth. (Tiring, maybe. But it's worth it!) If you are having trouble finding the correct angle or method for rhythmically lingually caressing her clitoris, or if you want to try something fun and new:

Tongue the abc's. No seriously! This is a great oral exercise on any part of the body. Tongue the abc's starting with lower case, and moving though upper case. (Heck, you could do the whole ANSI ASCII set if you'd like!) Be especially perceptive while you do this, vary your speed and watch for sharp intakes of breath - chances are you've hit the right angle. The abc's give a large variety of different strokes, so come back to this exercise as often as you'd like.

A general rule of thumb (tongue?) is to start slow and pick up the pace as you go along. This is definitely a general rule though; feel free to break it by varying your rhythm, both slowly and predictably as well as quickly and startlingly.

Lick between the inner and outer lips; penetrate the vagina deeply (a much stronger, iron-like taste here); "tease" the entrance to her vagina with rapid pokes of your tongue at varying depths; don't forget your hands, often a woman will feel a need or ache for something inside of her while very aroused, oblige her with a finger or two. Both kissing and manually manipulating your partner is tough, anyone with successful methods is welcome to pipe in.

Talk to your partner, ask her what she likes. Experiment (if you can) with many different partners. What excites one woman a lot may not excite another as much, but may still be well worth trying. On the other hand, you may not notice a subtle pleasurable technique on one woman that can be easily learned on another. The better you know your partner, the more effectively you can please her. Have fun!

I tried to be a lot less pretentious than the male version of this article for a few reasons. The major one is that women are very different, the above suggestions may work wonderfully with one woman and so-so with another. Some women simply aren't responsive to oral sex due to strong moral constraints. Secondly, I am not an expert, though I love oral sex and have had the joy of pleasuring 10-20 women. Third, I am still young (18) and have a lot to learn.

So feel free to comment on what you've read (men and women) and reply either over the net or to me personally. Thanks. Hope you found this helpful and enjoy!

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Foreplay Techniques for Different Situations

1.       Foreplay Techniques: Understanding Foreplay

Talking of foreplay, it's interesting to note that many oriental love texts compare the sexual desire of a woman to water, which is slow to come to a boil and slow to cool down. It stems from the fact that women need effective and prolonged foreplay to fully enjoy the sexual act.

But on the contrary, the sexual desire of a man is compared to fire, which is quick to ignite and is speedily extinguished. Most love manuals stress that sex should be a perfect balance of these two elements - for a harmonious and mutually pleasurable experience.

Foreplay is thus the most important part of lovemaking. As the best sex involves long and sensual foreplay - it begins way ahead of the bedroom! Everything that is sexually stimulating - flirting, touching, laughing together, complimenting - is a kind of foreplay as it effectively harmonizes the physical and emotional senses and readies the couple for the act.

1.1: Foreplay for Arousal
According to a recent sex survey, Indian men were found to be the fastest to climax, with an average foreplay time of 13.98 minutes. But sensitive foreplay is important to sex as it will help both partners to enjoy sexual intercourse to the fullest. Sometimes, women may need prolonged stimulation to reach complete arousal and foreplay also helps to become lubricated and enjoy penetration.

1.2: Creating the Mood
Foreplay is not just about pressing the right buttons in the right order. It is about giving your partner extreme pleasure and deriving your own from that act of giving. Pay attention to detail, compliment your partner on their appearance and show them that you enjoy being with them.

When the mood is right, take time to undress each other slowly, as the act of removing your partner's clothes can be an important part of successful foreplay. Many couples find that undressing increases the eroticism and stimulates and intensifies the feeling.

1.3: A Learning Experience
Foreplay is the perfect time to understand your partner's likes and dislikes - and to find out what they really need to be fully stimulated. Feel free to ask for feedback and give your own. Good communication during foreplay and lovemaking surely has its benefits. If words fail you, show or guide your partner in the direction you want and encourage them to do the same.

2.       Foreplay Techniques: Magical Wedding Night

2.1: Take things slowly Savor this moment.
While you may be a little too tired to have the most technically excellent sex of your lives, this is likely to be among your most romantic and intimate sexual experiences.

2.2: Lower your expectations
So this may not be the most amazing sex you've ever had. So what? Try to just enjoy whatever happens.

2.3: Talk to each other
Spend some time relaxing, talking about the wedding, and about your love for each other. Let things get romantic and sappy. The sex that follows will be intimate and amazing.

2.4: Expand your idea of the "wedding night"
If you're too tired for foreplay, that sex isn't going to be so great. Couldn't it be better to wait until the morning?

2.5: Flirt with each other during the wedding
It can be easy to spend the whole wedding greeting Aunt Sally and Cousin Bob, cutting the cake, and attending to a thousand other details. Don't forget to stop, stare into each other's eyes, share a few extra kisses, and flirt with each other. It will also help build the excitement for your alone time later.

2.6: Don't have sex with each other for a couple of weeks before the wedding
Many couples try this to make the wedding night sex fresh and new again. Others go even further by giving up sex months before the wedding so that they may be virgin-like on the wedding night.

2.7: Try something new
Perhaps there's been something you've been wanting to try? Your wedding night can be a fun night to experiment,

2.8: Wear something special
Wedding night lingerie can really help the mood. Pick something a little different than what you usually wear to excite your partner. Make sure you feel confident in it, as a confident lover is almost always a better lover.

2.9: Set the stage
Help yourselves get into the mood by setting the stage. Light some candles, bring some CDs and a radio, scatter rosepetals, or do whatever helps you get in the mood. And don't be afraid to kick friends and family out early. While they may tease you a little, they'll certainly understand!

3.       Foreplay Techniques: For Virgin

3.1: Will I Bleed / Will She Bleed?
It is common for the female virgin to experience pain and small quantities of bleeding when having sex for the first time. If you are in a hotel room or you do not wish to stain the bed sheets, just place a towel on the bed before getting started. To minimize pain and blood-flow, ensure that you both enjoy plenty of foreplay and use copious amounts of lubricant.

Try to forget your anxieties of pain and bleeding. Remember that such side-effects of virgin-sex are natural and entirely common. Spend as much time as possible in foreplay and ensure that both partners have lined themselves with plenty of lubricant.

3.2: Communicate Desires And Fears
Communication is important in any relationship. Communication before and during sex for the first time is no less important. Share your hopes, share your fears. You will be surprised to learn that you will each have many hopes and fears in common. It is the act of sharing your desires and anxieties that will, ironically, act to reduce them or, perhaps, eliminate them altogether.

Knowing, for instance, that you both worry about "being any good" will act to eliminate this anxiety because now you each feel less pressure related to performance because you each know the other is equally worried about his or her performance. The same rationale can be used for each anxiety. When you share your fears and such fears are mirrored by your partner they will, almost magically, disappear.

3.3: Will I Maintain An Erection?
Let me ask you a question. Do you suffer erectile problems during masturbation? No? Then you will not suffer erectile problems during sex. It is, yet again, anxiety of an act that has yet to happen that may actually cause it to happen. You worry about not maintaining an erection; therefore, you do not maintain an erection.

Do you agree? It is true. As a virgin, making love for the first time, you must put this anxiety out of your mind and concentrate on the act of lovemaking. Fear of erectile problems will cause erectile problems. Since you have no problem maintaining an erection normally, there is no biological reason why you should suffer the problem during sexual intercourse.

To ensure that you can maintain an erection you must spend much time on initial sex-foreplay; work yourself up to a highly aroused state. Foreplay is also important because, the longer you spend at it, the more your confidence will build and the less chance you will have of losing your erection.

3.4: Will I Perform Well?
As sex tips for virgins go, this tip seems to be most popular. Why? I think it is because virgins tend to be more anxious about overall sexual performance more than they are about anything else. What is a good performance? A good performance occurs when both parties enjoy the experience. The secret to giving a good sexual performance is concentrating on your partner and ensuring they receive as much pleasure as you are able to give.

Let them be the center of your universe. Notice what they seem to like and respond to it appropriately. It is common for virgins to feel uncomfortable during sex and also to make mistakes. If you do make a mistake, just laugh about it. It is common to make mistakes after all. If you laugh about a mistake it makes it seem like nothing at all.

3.5: Will I Orgasm?
Women tend to orgasm less frequently than men when having sex for the first time. It cannot be said whether you will orgasm or not. However, one thing is certain, you will have more chance of having an orgasm is you do two things. 

Firstly, you must not worry about having an orgasm. It is not essential to your enjoyment of sex.

Secondly, concentrate on the pleasure of lovemaking, so much so that you forget about anxieties and, perhaps, even the world about you. Like most anxieties, the more you worry about orgasm, the less chance you will have of actually having one.

If you follow the five sex tips for virgins, I guarantee your chances of making love successfully for the first time will be greatly improved. Overall, if you take one thing away with you from this article, just remember to relax and concentrate on the beautiful act of lovemaking with your partner.

4.       Foreplay Techniques: For Married Couple

4.1: He Element of Surprise
Ok, so you're both used to Sunday morning when the kids are glued to the cartoons, or Friday evenings when you know you can both have a bit of a lie in.

Well how about mounting a surprise attack? 
Shuffle the kids off to the grandparents or the neighbours, and pretend that you're expecting guests. At the last minute explain to your spouse that they have cancelled, and then proceed to act inappropriately.

Ladies pin him to the couch.
Gentlemen caress her from behind and take her then and there. Don't just leave it to the evenings, try mornings or afternoons, in the shower in the garden, in the kitchen. Just do something different and make sure it's a surprise!

4.2: Introduce new Sensations
Can you imagine the feel of cool yet soft silk on your skin? The cold of a leather strap or ice cube?

Instead of the usual grope and fumble in the dark, change the sensations!

Introduce some heat.. sip some warm water and then proceed to her nether regions. The warmth of your mouth will drive her wild.

Take some ice-cream and drop it onto his body. Proceed to lick it off very slowly.

If you're worried about the mess, simply book a hotel room.

4.3: Give them a Tantric Massage
Ok you may be thinking - 'Well I touch them intimately anyway!'

But ask yourself how you really touch your lover's body.
* Is it a quick grope?
* Are you completely focused on them?
* Can you describe how their skin feels?
* Have you touched their genitals in a very slow and sensual way?

Probably Not.
But there's no time like the present to learn the Art of Sensual Massage. It will send your pleasure and orgasm intensity through the roof, as is a great way to spoil, indulge and pamper your lover, not to mention a great way to increase the intimacy in your relationship.

4.4: Take the Time to Kiss
The Kama Sutra has listed 19 different types of kissing. So keep this in mind before you give him or her a sloppy wet one, lacking any passion or finesse.

Focus on each of the lips, explore their mouth, alternate between light caresses and more intense pressure. The Kama Sutra also states that sucking on the upper lip, results in stimulation the clitoris. The lips are sensitive, so less is always more, especially where the ladies are concerned.

Remember variety is important.

4.5: Tie Me Up - Tie Me Down
Granted this is not for everyone, and requires trust between lovers.

So if you are comfortable with your lover / spouse, then a bit of 'Power Indulgence' could just be right for you. 

The essence of Bondage is that one person is in control and the other person is to be completely indulged. The thrills come from one partner being able to do what ever they like to the submissive person, and the submissive person surrendering to the other and allowing themselves to be completely pleasured.

Speak to your lover about your thoughts or concerns, and exactly what and how much you're comfortable with.

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Guide to Cunnilingus

Eating a woman's pussy is about the most wonderful thing you can do for her. It makes her feel loved, admired, sexy, and of course it makes her cum like crazy. Many women prefer it to intercourse, and for most, it is the easiest way to cum with a man. You may have the littlest dick on the planet, but if you give great head, you will be appreciated as a fabulous lover. Yes, it's that important. Besides, lots of women expect it these days - you might as well know what your doing.

First off, guys seem to have a strange love/hate relationship with women's genitalia. Guys that can't wait to get their dick into one are often reluctant to put their face "down there". For every guy who says he loves to eat pussy, there's another one who's squeamish. Women know this, and it affects their ability to lay back and enjoy the experience. There is nothing more exciting to a woman than to know that her partner finds her delicious. Don't be coy; tell her. When a guy fingers a lady and then smells, licks, sucks the juice off his finger and sighs as if in heaven, she knows this is her lucky day.

What if your sweet lady doesn't smell or taste very sweet? Don't suffer. (Don't complain, either.) Take a nice hot shower or bath together. Lather up both of your bodies and slide them together. It's like a whole body fuck. Soap up her vulva, washing between her outer and inner lips. Spread her lips apart and gently wash her clitoris. Hey, don't stop - this feels great! Run your soapy hand down the crack of her ass, and rub a finger all around her anus. You can stick one finger in and wash around inside too, if you anticipate any anal play, and I suggest you do. But don't put those soapy fingers up her vagina. Instead, rinse them off well and stick one or two inside, making a circular motion. Think about washing the inside of a tall glass - same thing. Now wasn't that fun? And now you can feel free to let your tongue wander anywhere it pleases...

So now what? You've found a comfy spot to play, you've been kissing passionately, your tongues darting around each other's mouths like playful otters. You've moved down to nibble one of her hardening nipples and she's starting to groan, grinding her pelvis against your stomach. STOP. I know it was just starting to get good. But was she really groaning and humping you, or was it your own excitement you were detecting? I strongly prefer to be excited before a guy starts plunging his tongue into my inner recesses. Use your judgement, and kiss, lick, and fondle your way down her stomach, up her thighs, until she's arching up her back trying to get you to eat her. Of course, if she really was groaning and grinding, go for it...I also don't particularly enjoy a guy endlessly nibbling my inner thigh while my clit is quivering in anticipation.

If the woman you are with is somewhat hesitant about your going down on her, start off with her lying on her back, perhaps half-sitting. Lay down between her legs, with her legs over your shoulders. She may enjoy laying or sitting at the edge of the bed with you kneeling. She can also straddle your face, but be prepared to get very wet. There are endless varieties of positions where you can press your face up to her cunt, some of which strike me as more acrobatic than erotic, but feel free to experiment. And then there's 69...
69 is one of my favorite positions. On the plus side, you both get to enjoy the sublime sensations of getting head, simultaneously. The upside down positioning of a woman's pussy and your mouth is an easy fit and there's more room for your hands. On the negative side, it's a less than ideal position for a woman to give head. Plus, if you need to read this article, you may be better off concentrating your energies on pleasing her, without too much distraction. But even for experienced 69'ers, it's easy to short-change your partner. "It feels soooo good, I'm just gonna stop for a second and concentrate on what you're...aaaarrrgghhh". Get the picture? Some show of will-power is in order.

69 can be done male on top, female on top, or side by side. The latter two are easier, though it's more restful with both partners laying down. Some women love being licked on all fours, so if female-on-top 69 drives her wild, take the hint and find some other ways to eat her in this position. I happen to enjoy male on top, but for many women this is a sure choking position. If a woman can, or wants to try, to deep-throat you, this is THE position. When her head is thrust back you can really slide your cock all the way down her throat. But don't forget what you're supposed to be doing!

So there you are staring at it - the mysterious hole from whence you came, and into which you hope to cum again... First, an anatomy lesson...

Before I go any further, a few words about the clitoris, accent on the first syllable. Most of you know it, but for those who don't, it is THE woman's sex organ, period. It may feel great to be fucked vaginally, anally or otherwise, but if the stimulation is not right there, on the clitoris, you're ignoring the place that's going to make her cum, and presumably that's why you're reading this, right? It's right there at the top juncture of her inner lips, a small knob of pink flesh. This is where it's at boys, and don't forget it. Almost any licking and sucking of the labia or vaginal entrance is going to feel just dandy; just remember that this is pleasurable teasing, not the main event. I can't tell you how many guys have thrust their tongues up my vagina thinking that this was going to make me cum. They were wrong. Of course, with a little manual stimulation....but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Women feel differently about how much direct stimulation they can take on their clitoris. Some women will adore it if you suck hard on their exposed clits, others will shriek in pain. You may encounter a woman who is completely unable to take direct stimulation of her clit; the goal is still the same, but you'll have to stimulate it indirectly, such as through her labia. IMPORTANT NOTE: Often, what is unacceptably rough at first may be fine after she's very excited. The fact is, most women really need a good bit of stimulation before a targeted attack on their clitoris, but once they're there, that's where you want to devote your attention.

The key here is go slow, ask questions, and if she's comfortable with it, leave the lights on and really explore. Body language often does tell what feels best, but I promise, she will appreciate your attentiveness if you ask outright. If she seems shy, get her to guide your hands and mouth with her own hand, and pay attention. If she starts bucking up against your mouth and gasping in ragged little breaths, for God's sake, don't use this opportunity to try something different. Just keep doing exactly what you're doing.

I want to reiterate, there is almost nothing you can do that won't feel terrific, so relax! I promise, you may be confused and uncertain, but she's in heaven. Any licking and sucking of the labia, vaginal entrance, clitoris, or anal area is going to feel just great, and I'd no sooner tell guys to "do it exactly like this" than I would tell every chef to follow the same recipe. But for those who are compelled to RTFM, here are a few techniques that you might like to try:

Try lapping her pussy from vaginal entrance up to her clit, leaving your tongue soft and jaw relaxed. This is a good way to start your tonguing.

Run your tongue between the inner and outer labia on one side, while holding the two together with your lips. Good job, now do the other side.

Fuck her pussy with your tongue - in and out, around and around, etc. This feels nice. Not wonderful or incredible or earth-shaking; nice.

Spread her outer lips with your hand. Then, with your tongue pointed and stiff, gently flick here and there. Feel free to roam, but keep coming back to her clit. This drives some women wild, and others can't take it. Some may prefer that you always leave your tongue soft, so when you try this, pay attention to whether those moans are ecstacy or pain.

The following techniques should not be introduced until your partner is really hot (i.e. she's no longer coherent). These are very intense actions which may be "too much" for some women, even when nearing orgasm.

With her clit still exposed, give it a quick little suck - pulling it into your mouth briefly and letting it go. This is a lot like licking a bit of cake batter off of your pinky. This feels incredible, and is a fine thing to do if you feel like torturing her (see PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER below).

Take her exposed clit into your mouth and gently (at first, anyway) suck on it, simultaneously flicking your tongue over and around it. This can be done very lightly or very aggressively, and combined with fingering, will usually rapidly produce an intense orgasm.

Another choice technique involves rolling your tongue into a tube. If you can't do this with your tongue, you can't learn it - it's genetic. For those who can, this works best in an inverted or 69 position. Roll your tongue into a tube around the shaft of her clitoris. Slide it up and down; in effect, your tongue makes a tiny pussy for her clit to fuck. This also is likely to bring her over the edge.

Fingers are a valuable adjunct to eating pussy. Most women masturbate by pressing a finger or fingers over their clit, possibly "thru" the skin of their inner or outer lips, and vigorously rubbing in a circular or back-and-forth direction. You can do this too, and it is most helpful to ask, or better yet, have her show you how she likes it done. You will never be a good lover until you can bring your woman to climax with your hands. When you fuck her from behind, or up her ass, or really in any position which doesn't allow her to simultaneously rub her vulva against your body, reach down or around and rub her clit. I know it's distracting, but just do it anyway. One important point to note: make sure that your fingers are well lubricated. There is nothing more uncomfortable (and sometimes downright painful) than a dry finger roughly rubbed across one's clitoris.

Of course, that's not all you can do with your fingers. One technique which is very exciting is to spread her lips wide apart with one hand, and with your index finger straight like a pencil, flick the side of it rapidly across her clit. This motion alone will often bring a woman to orgasm. Combining this with the addition of some tongue action elsewhere is nothing short of bliss.

Sticking one or more fingers inside her vagina is also wonderful. You can simply move them in and out (this feels best with at least two or three fingers, pushed in hard), or wriggling them around. A particularly intense motion is to face your hand so that you have two fingers inside her with your palm facing the front of her body. Now move your fingers rapidly, as if waving hello. You are aiming to stimulate a particular part of the woman's vagina - namely the lower anterior (front) part. When combined with sucking her clit, this is nearly certain to bring her to a fast and intense climax.

An excellent way to begin manual stimulation is to stick one (and later two) fingers inside her, with your palm cupped over the mons area. I'm talking about that fleshy "mound" over her pubic bone. Your finger goes in and out and the ball of your hand is pressed hard against her vulva. You may want to rub or even shake the entire area with your palm.

Fingers also do nice things to tight little butt holes, but that's a whole other story...

This stuff is purely optional. If anal play doesn't turn you on, don't do it. If you're uncomfortable, she'll pick up on your feelings and start wondering if it's her pussy that's turning you off. Don't feel that you can't be a good lover without anal play; you can.

Cleanliness is of the essence. (remember that nice soapy shower?) Scoop out some luscious juices (from a very wet pussy) with your finger and rub it around her anus. (If she isn't well lubricated, saliva works too.) If that's all you or she feels comfortable with, fine - it still feels great. But I think most women enjoy the feel of a finger pushed up their ass while they're being fucked or eaten. You need to be gentle, possibly even leaving your finger still. Try moving it in and out a little, or around in a circle. If she starts moaning, you know you're doing something right.

It's really fun to feel a woman's anus rhythmically squeezing your finger as she cums. (And it's great for her, too) You're probably thinking about what that would feel like around your dick, and it's something you should certainly explore. Ass-fucking is somewhat out of the scope of this article, but suffice to say, if she doesn't like a finger up her butt, she sure as hell won't want your big dick up there. Even if she does enjoy this sort of play, she may still be somewhat apprehensive about putting something so large up there. The keys to success are sufficient (i.e. copious amounts of) lubrication (a water-soluble type such as K-Y, which is safe for condoms), relaxation on her part, and a slow, gentle, approach. She'll certainly tell you if she wants you to thrust harder or deeper. And remember, if you want to feel that delicious squeezing around your cock, reach around and diddle that clit!

As for anallingus - why not? Don't feel like you HAVE to do it to satisfy your woman. But if the idea turns you on, great. Let your tongue rove as it pleases. It's not necessary to actually put your tongue inside her butt to stimulate the area. Back and forth, around and around, you get the picture.