Saturday, June 25, 2011

Avoid a Rape Situation - Part 1 - Presence of Mind to Avoid Being a Victim

Any woman who ever finds herself walking alone, for any reason, has probably encountered a situation in which she wishes for some sort of self defence product to protect herself with. Women, who work nights, walk on college campuses, travel, or live alone will inevitably have this experience.

According to many surveys, women who are physically attacked are unprepared, thinking they would never become a victim. They had no idea how to react and often panicked. They might have been in a “safe” location or a nice neighbourhood and mistakenly thought that would be enough to protect them. However, women should be mentally prepared for possible attacks at all times, in all locations. Learn to use a few self defence techniques and you can be prepared for any dangerous situation.

Important things always to be aware during any given time:
Attackers look for the easiest target. They want a victim to look weak or distracted. So, be sure not to wear headphones or read while you’re alone. Always be aware of what’s going on around you so you can be the first one to notice if someone suspicious is approaching you. If you feel someone is approaching you, don’t worry about manners. Be firm and give him an aggressive look that discourages him from choosing you as his victim.

1) Think about what the attacker wants from you. While the Groin Grab is a great method of defence, the attacker might only want your purse. It’s best in cases such as this to give him the purse and let him run away.

2) Learn to trust your gut instincts. It could save you from being attacked or worse. If you feel uneasy or unsure in anyway, it is in your best interest to get away and get help.

3) Walk with confidence. Look up as you walk and stand up straight; pretending as though you have two big panthers on either side of you as you walk may sound silly, but it can help boost confidence. Attackers are more likely to go for those who they think cannot defend themselves.

4) Be sure if you do decide to fight, to do so with all your strength. Obviously the attacker might fight back so ensure you’re giving it all you’ve got.
Understand that your hairstyle could benefit an attacker. Ponytails are the number one style that rapists look for because they are easy to grab and you can be held with them.

5) Never tell the attacker you’ve been trained with self defence. You want to catch him off guard, so don’t threaten him with your knowledge and skill. Just show him what you know!

6) Make eye contact if you are being followed by someone who you think is a potential threat. An attacker may be less likely to strike if they think you will be able to clearly identify them.

7) Rapists do not necessarily look like criminals. The person could look very normal, well groomed, athletic pleasant, young, etc. They might not look evil or like a bad guy. They could be your boss, a teacher, a neighbor, boyfriend, or relative.

5 Tips to Avoid Being a Victim of Sexual Assault
Sexual assault is far too prevalent. Women are attacked every minute of every day. It is important to remember that sexual assaults are not limited to certain types of women, and women do not “invite” assault through their looks or behavior. Women from all walks of life are at risk. Regardless of what a woman looks like or how she behaves, nobody invites an attack. Maintaining your personal safety is crucial. You don’t have to be helpless, however, there are things you can do to protect yourself and avoid being a victim of sexual assault. Here are five ways that you can help prevent being attacked.

1) Always tell someone where you are going, who you will be with, and when you will be expected to return. This is especially important for women who live alone. There’s nothing wrong with going on a blind date or to a party with new friends—just make sure that someone you trust is checking in on you to make sure you arrived safely home. Many women enjoy jogging in the park. While this is a fabulous way to get fit, be sure that someone knows where you are at all times.

2) Be extremely vigilant at all times. Most attacks occur when women are not paying careful attention to their surroundings and are distracted. When shopping, park in a well-lit area. Upon returning to your car, take a look to see if anyone is in the vehicle or nearby. When you get into the car, don’t spend time rummaging through your purse, checking your voice mails or doing other things when the doors are unlocked. This is a common time for an attacker to make his move.

3) If at a party or nightclub, never leave your drink unattended. Date rape drugs can easily be added to your drink without your knowledge, and by the time you realize that you have been drugged, you will be extremely vulnerable.

4) Carry a non-lethal self defence weapon, such as pepper spray or a stun gun. Either of these personal protection items can be purchased easily, and many are disguised to look like other common items (e.g., cell phones, lipstick cases, pens, rings, etc.). Keep your weapon handy anytime you are alone or in a potentially dangerous situation.

5) Carry a cell phone with you in case of emergency. Nearly everyone has a cell phone nowadays, and keeping it handy when walking alone means you can more readily call for help without having to rummage through your purse or pockets. Set your phone to speed dial

Avoid becoming a victim of sexual assault by being prepared and by being aware of your surroundings at all time. Never be afraid to ask for a security escort to your car. Never be worried about being rude when you remove yourself from an uncomfortable situation, either. It is far better to refuse the offer of a drink from a handsome stranger than to become a victim of sexual assault. It is better to be distrustful and remove yourself from a situation then have to regret not doing so later.

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