Monday, October 3, 2011

95 Kissing Ideas - Part 1

You and your partner are kissing. You gently start to take control by placing your hands on either side of his face, holding his cheeks and guiding his lips. In doing so, you are in control of the amount of pressure and motion of his mouth and, in turn, he feels the warmth of your hands. This can be especially good if your partner's mouth is too loose or open for you. Then it is your responsibility to kiss him as you LOVE TO BE KISSED.

Stop when you want and tell your partner, 'I just love kissing. It's the one thing that gets me ______________ [fill in the blank; for example, you might add the word 'hot' or 'turned on']. Then look at him and say, 'Will you show me what it feels like to be kissed by me?'

Tell him that you had a dream the other night about how he was kissing you -- and it was fabulous. Whether or not you actually had this dream, what you need to do is have an idea about what you want to ask for. So think ahead to how you want to blend the new kissing style or technique you want with what he already does. That way, you're not asking for a completely different thing and won't risk offending his ego. If you can't manage to explain what you want fully using your dream, tell him, 'You did something like this' and then show him what you want.

Let your partner know when he has kissed you right. If he does something you really like, repeat it on him and ask if it feels as good to him as it did to you. To tweak his style, it's important that you use one-word directions, such as 'lighter,' 'left,' 'right,' etc. Men have shared with me that sentence-long guidance feels like criticism, while one-word comments sound like gentle direction. Remember that while you may feel that the more you tell, the better, he will be hearing your words through his own sexual gender filter.

Don't assume that one time through will work. Men often need reminding (yes, even when it comes to better kissing and better sex). Repeat exercises 1-4 as often as necessary. And enjoy!

This is very important. Make sure you brush your teeth before going out on your date. There is nothing worse than kissing someone with bad breath. If your date consists of having something to eat before the actual kiss, make sure you have a mint on hand to take right after you finish eating. Don't take the mint just before the kiss or chew on gum. You don't want to have something in your mouth when you kiss.

You want your lips to be slightly moist when you kiss. Run your tongue over your lips once before you kiss. Don't wear lip gloss because that tends to make the kiss too gooey.

Stand close to your partner. As the two of you move closer together tilt your head slightly. If you can see which way your partner's head is tilting, tilt your head slightly in the opposite direction.

Just before your lips meet, close your eyes. Some people prefer to leave their eyes open during the kiss. But until you know what your partner prefers, it is best to close your eyes.

10)      OPEN LIPS
Open your mouth slightly and place your lips over your partner's lips. Do not hold your breath! Breathe through your nose. As your lips meet, press them gently over your partner's. You may wish to move your lips in a slow, circular motion or just leave them still over your partners.

11)      CLOSED LIPS
This is like the type of kiss you'd give your grandma or aunt. Instead of opening your mouth when your lips meet, keep them closed. This is also a good way of letting your partner know this is as far as it goes. It also makes a great hello/good-bye kiss or a great first time kiss if you're nervous.

Touching your tongue with your partner's for excellent pleasures

Open your lips over your partner's slightly more than you would during a regular kiss. This makes it easier to place your tongue in your partner's mouth.

14)      TONGUE
Place the tip of your tongue on the tip of your partner's tongue. Do not force your tongue too far into her mouth. If you wish you can play with her tongue by circling her with your own. Have fun with it; explore more if you want so

You may explore different ways of using your tongue. Try to run the tip of your tongue over your partner's lips. Do this slowly and gently, just using the tip of your tongue.

This can be a very seductive type of kiss. Instead of French Kissing with your mouth open, while your partner's lips are parted suck on their top or bottom lip with your own, just for a second or two. Then go back to another type of kiss or try the other lip.

17)      NIP KISSING
This type of kiss has to be done carefully, but when done correctly can create a wonderful effect on your date, while suck kissing, gently bite their lip, but be VERY gentle so as not to hurt your date/partner. This kiss should only be done with someone that you've kissed a few times before; otherwise you may shock your partner

This type of kiss is done when your partner is lying down on a sofa or the ground, either asleep or just lying with their eyes closed. Quietly approach your partner and place a small, very gentle kiss on their lips. Use flavored lip balm to their surprise and delight. Intensify the kiss until your partner opens their eyes or awakens.

If she is lying down draw one of her arms above her head and lightly hold her hand. Commence by kissing the soft area on the inside of her upper arm - from her elbow down to her chest. For variation, trail the tip of your tongue in a zigzag down this area

Kiss her gently near the clavicle (collar bone), then run your tongue in a zig zag up to her ear very slowly. Give her earlobe a little nibble. It's all in the neck guys Ö

When you're sitting close to your love, start out by softly stroking their face, slowly move your hand to their mouth then very lightly brush the lower lip with one of your fingers. If they seem to love this, then place the tip of that finger in their mouth. This leads to a great French kiss!

Gently kiss your partner on the neck, cheek, jaw, and slowly move closer to his/her lips. When you reach their lips, they will be all the more excited to kiss you!

23)      EROTIC KISS
Start by pouring a glass of wine. Take a few sips to get the taste in your mouth. When you lead him to bed, bring the wine with you. While kissing him, dip your finger in the wine. Trace his lips and mouth with your wine-soaked finger and lick the wine off slowly and gently. Take your time. Kissing can be very erotic.

Play a kissing game! The object of the game is to make your partner try to kiss you. This could be done by lightly kissing her neck, breathing into her ear, kissing her cheeks, and lightly kissing her lips. Whoever lasts the longest wins?

95 Kissing Ideas - Part 2

Women prefer the charms of a seductive and romantic kiss that takes place in seclusion rather than a quick one in a situation that may lead to embarrassment. The kiss need not always start with a lip-lock. Small kisses on the eyelids, nose, and cheeks can set the mood for a sweet French kiss.

This can mean a lot of things, all of them guaranteed to heighten the kissing experience. Either partner can be the tease and break away from a kiss just that bit early leaving the other one asking for more.

27)      CARESS HER
Women often like to be caressed while kissing. You can start by caressing her hair from her forehead to her neck behind her ear and then gently feel her back. Alternate between using the full face of the palm and your fingertips

Learn to use your tongue skillfully while kissing. Circling the tip of your partner's tongue with your tongue lightly takes both partners further down the road to intimacy. Flick your tongue over hers; surprise her with your dexterity with your tongue. Sucking your partner's tongue while kissing is considered incredibly erotic by some (But be careful! Some women don't like it).

There are several ways in which couples can add spice to their kissing experiences. Peppermint and chocolates add flavor to a kiss; partners can try to pass a small ice cube between their mouths while kissing; the roof of your partner's mouth is highly sensitive and feeling it lightly with the tip of your tongue is bound to offer a pleasant surprise to your partner.

The most important aspect of any intimate experience is the comfort level with your partner and kissing is no different. Ask your partner about what constitutes her dream kiss, learn about what she likes in a kiss and try to give it to her in your personalized way.

31)      HYGIENE
The importance of oral hygiene cannot be overstated. For all your kissing skills, it is critical that your breath is clean. This assumes greater significance if you plan to get romantic with your partner after eating. It is best to have a breath freshener at hand for such occasions.

Even if you have years of great kissing under your dating belt, the following are definitely some good reminders.
  • Taste and smell your lipstick, gloss and chapstick. Make sure they are pleasing.
  • Use touch to enhance your kissing experience.
  • Lick and press lips together slightly before kissing to soften, moisten and warm them.
  • Most kissers close their eyes, so you should too - although, it can be nice to look at each other once in awhile.
  • Kiss other parts of the body rather than just the lips.
  • Kissing is an important part of a healthy relationship. Don't let your pucker die away.
  • Incorporate kissing into your day - pecks on the cheek in greeting, a smooch before leaving for work, a tender bedtime neck canoodle.
  • Rub noses while kissing for childish fun.
  • Take advantage of the sensual tongue, with all its touch and taste sensations. A= b
  • Giggle and laugh while kissing. Enjoy yourselves.

Although it may sound silly, like any art form, practice is important. Practicing with another person is fun if you have an intimate friend or current relationship. If not, you can still practice in other ways. Consider the following: 
  • Watch romantic movies and study the way the couples kiss.
  • Think about how you eat, what feels good in your own mouth and the varying sensations.
  • Practice tongue and lip movements on lollipops, gum or ice cream cones.
  • Kiss your own hands and arms, how do different movements of your lips and tongue feel on your skin.

Although your lips do most of the work, where you place your hands is of utmost importance as well. A few things you can do with them while you're kissing her include:
  • Caress her back slowly
  • Hold her waist
  • Cup her face with both hands
  • Hold her chin with one hand
  • Lightly pull the back roots of her hair
  • Intertwine your fingers with hers

Do something with your hands rather than just focus all your attention on your mouths.

Enjoy the kiss with your eyes closed is the best way to impress your partner and make him or her feel secure.

To kiss our loved ones is the sign of wanting to be touched. Kissing is easy to learn and being considered so universal one can master kissing through practice.

Kiss is the only way to bring your partner more closely to you. There is no wrong kiss as such, all that matters is how you go about kissing your partner and how well you do it!

To kiss someone you love is bliss and doing it at the right time and right place needs practice. By knowing the techniques on how to kiss and practicing it anyone can master it easily!

A perfect kiss is the best way to communicate your love for your partner. Know the techniques of giving a perfect kiss and you will be able to master it with ease!

Make your lips look appealing which is soft and moist and not hard. Moisture your lips regularly so that it is ready to be kissed!

Whatever it is giving a kiss to your girl on the first date is something important and something you should cherish for the years to come. So make sure you make it a perfect and successful one by knowing the techniques!

Kiss plays a major role in your relationship and it is a must to make sure whether your girlfriend likes being kissed by you or not.

If your partner seems to like your kiss, just keep on doing passionately. Explore other areas of the mouth as well. Little more experienced kissers can try sucking the top or bottom lips, which is a very seductive kiss. But be careful, don't bite!

Well, don't forget to breathe in the heat of the moment so the kiss can last longer. But beware, always breath through your nose. Also don't forget to swallow.

You may very well want to increase the sensation by using your hands too. Rub along the waist, the back, and the arms and run your fingers through your partner's hair.

46)      EMOTIONS
When you kiss someone you are in love with, your kiss will be TRULY special. The combination of physical and emotional pleasure is the key to an amazing kiss.

47)      COMFORT
It is your nerves that you must control, as they are the killers of the pleasure of kissing. When you're worried about the result of a kiss, you won't enjoy the moment like you could and should. Relaxation is the key!

48)      RHYTHM
Start the kiss gently, then become greedy, finally allow a break for breathing and catching his or her eyes. Remember, kissing is sometimes called a "dance of the lips" and every dance should have a rhythm!

95 Kissing Ideas - Part 3

49)      3 second rule
Do you know that moment when you run out of words to say and your eyes are locked on hers? Next time that happens, don't look away. I want you to count 1,2,3 and if she's still looking at you, then that's your cue to go for a kiss.

50)      Explore her eyes
Start looking deeply at her eyes, while you slowly tilt your head. Slowly move in for the kill

51)      Put her hair behind her ears.
Put her hair behind her ear and lightly stroke the side of her face.

52)      Nothing else exists
In that moment, let the whole world just fade away. Nothing else matters. It's just you and her that exist. Nobody else

53)      You don't need words
The best part about this approach is that you don't need words. It's something you'll learn to do. After you get into that situation, quite a number of times, you'll start to get a feel of EXACTLY when you should go for it.

54)      ICE KISS
Celebrate the first day of winter with an ice kiss. Put an ice cube in your mouth until your mouth becomes cold. Remove the cube, track down your love and plant a kiss that will send chills!

The two of you shuffle your feet furiously on carpet. When you both have an electric charge, lean over and slowly aim for each other's lips. With your lips about one-half inch apart, move in even slower until a spark jumps between the two of you. Instantly after this happens, kiss one another...the kiss right after the shock!

On a beautiful cool night, you and your love crawl into a sleeping bag outside. Cuddle and kiss.

57)      REWARD KISS
Next time your love performs some disliked home chore like cleaning the bathroom, mowing the lawn, or taking out the garbage, show your appreciation by tucking a candy kiss in a strategic location.

58)      POST-IT KISS
Use 3M Post-It notes to make a trail through your house that leads to your lips. Put a lipstick print or lip symbol on each note with an arrow pointing to the next note. You, of course, are at the end of the trail with a Post-It note over your lips that says, "LIFT FOR KISS"

The next time it rains, grab an umbrella, rain coats, and your love. Then go outside and kiss in the rain. If the spirit of the kiss moves you, remove the umbrella and kiss 'till the two of you are soaked.

Prepare a small bag of Hershey's kisses and slip it into your love's purse, briefcase, or lunchbox. Attach a note that reads "SORRY, I CAN'T BE THERE IN PERSON, BUT THINK OF ME AND DO THE FOLLOWING: Close your eyes and place the candy between your lips. Drop the candy in your mouth and roll it on your tongue until it melts.

61)      Be a tease
News flash: There's nothing that women love more than to be teased, so let her know who's in control by driving her crazy with your lips. Go in like you're going to kiss her, then at the very last second, pull away and flash a mischievous grin. Use this sparingly to keep her turned on and on her toes.

Slip out of bed early and prepare a special "Kissing" breakfast to serve to your love in bed. Pick foods that you can easily pick up and feed to your love. Kiss between bites!

This kiss is to be done at a party or at a gathering with your love. Steal away to a private location like behind a door or tree, or on the stairwell and passionately kiss each other. The risk of being discovered in the act is the key element.

Wearing a diving mask and fins, simulate swimming underwater. Snorkel across the room to your love and kiss him or her.

65)      EYE TEST KISS
Make an eye chart like the ones that you see in a doctor's office where the letters get progressively smaller. Have the chart read, "IF you can read this you are standing close enough to kiss me."Now find your love and give an eye exam.

Thyme, according to the Greeks, is the herb which makes one irresistibly kissable. Prepare a meal for your love using the herb. Moments after the first bite, rush to your love's lips with a passionate kiss. Come up for air, announce the Greeks were right, then rush back with another passionate kiss.

Turn your shopping list into a scorecard the next time the two of you go shopping. The one who finds the item gets credit toward one kiss. Kisses are collected either on delivery to the grocery cart, or later at home.

Offer to stop a bad habit if your love will pay you kisses. For instance, a kiss for each cigarette not smoked, putting the toilet seat down, and/or every phone call kept under three minutes is rewarded with a kiss.

Take your love to the backyard or out in a field: lie down on a blanket, and together inspect cloud formations. When both of you see the same thing, reward each other with a kiss.

70)      CHECK KISS
With your personal check, make a check out to your love for 1,000 kisses. Tell your love he or she can cash it in any time.

71)      TOE KISS
Prepare a foot bath for your love at the end of a long day. After the good soak, you towel dry his or her feet, give a massage and seal each toe with a kiss.

With a note or phone call, tell your love to meet you at a certain place and time (e.g. park bench, street corner, ice cream stand) for a present. When your love arrives, have a bow stick to your lips.

95 Kissing Ideas - Part 4

73)      BATH KISS
Surprise your love with a kiss while he/she is showering or in the tub. (WARNING: Prepare to get wet)

In rapid succession, plant 12 quick ones on your lover's lips.

75)      KISS-A-THON
Passionately kiss your love for at least five minute longer than usual.

Humming the Pink Panther theme, prowl toward your partner. On the high note, pounce and pucker. Suggestion-wear only pink!

Buy several boxes of little chocolate hearts that have sayings on them. Pick out all the "KISS ME" hearts and put them in a heart shaped box with the note "REDEEMABLE ANYTIME, day or night!"

For no reason, stare at your love's mouth while licking your lips as though dying of thirst. Inevitably, your love will ask what you're doing. ANSWER: I want them! I have to have them! I yearn to drink from them! Then ask for a kiss to quench your thirst!

Inform your love one morning that he or she will soon receive a fabulous kiss. Later, call you love with a reminder. When next you see your love, pull out the stops and plant a long, hot, passionate kiss.

80)      Show some passion
Every woman longs to be ravished, so why not make her fantasy come true? As you're kissing her, reach back behind her and pull her head back by gently grabbing the hair right above her neck. Slowly kiss your way down her neck and give her a playful bite, then pull back slightly and breathe heavily on her neck and in her ear.

81)      Dip her down
If the mood is right, add some sensuality and chivalry to your first kiss by gently dipping her down, ballroom-style. There's no better way to make her feel like she's with a powerful and confident man. Do it right, and she'll never forget the moment.

82)      Spice it up
Once initial contact has been made, spice it up a bit with some variety. Move from short, soft kisses into longer, deeper ones, then back again... and don't use your tongue any more than she does. Change the angle by moving your head to the other side, and alternate between sucking on her lower and upper lip. Be sure to stop to breathe after every few kisses. These little moves will let her know that you know exactly what you're doing.

83)      Know when to STOP
Know when to stop Ö and when to advance. Don't just keep kissing. Start kissing her neck and then down to her breasts

84)      Triumverat
Kiss her lightly between the eyes, then on the tip of the nose, and finally on the lips.

85)      Top And Bottom
Kiss her on her top lip, then the bottom lip, and finally both.

86)      Lick Her Lightly
Run the tip of your tongue slowly along your girl's lips.

87)      Kiss Her Earlobes
Gently kiss, nibble, and suck on her earlobe. This trick can drive a woman WILD.

88)      Kiss Her Neck
Trace the sides of her neck with your lips and tongue.

89)      Front OF Neck
Kiss the front of her neck with your lips and tongue.

90)      Tease And Denial
Kiss everywhere but her lips, until she pulls you to their lips. You can also use this trick on other sensitive spots.

91)      The Sensual Kiss
Look in her eyes and whisper you want to kiss her. Press your lips gently to theirs' caress their lips with yours and give her a passionate kiss.

92)      Forehead Rub
Rub your forehead with your girl gently and kiss her.

93)      Nose Rub
Gently rub the tips of your noses together and kiss.

94)      Know when to pull out
There's no better way to let her know that you're a catch than by being the first to call it quits. Most guys go for the gold on the first kiss... and they rarely end up getting it. By being the one to slow down, you'll show her that you're in control... and most importantly, you'll leave her dying for more.

95)      Read Their Signals
Pay attention to your partner’s body language and learn to read their signals. You and your partner may have different kissing styles but one is not necessarily better than the other. It all depends on what you prefer and what you enjoy. If you do something and your partner moves away from you then they probably are not enjoying it. If your partner responds by doing the same thing and getting closer than they are most likely enjoying it. You will be able to tell when your partner is enjoying the kiss by what she says, does and how she moves. Let your partner lead the kiss sometimes and respond to their body language and kiss them the way they want to be kissed. When your partner really is into the kiss they will let you know!