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1. Performance
The benefit of most sexual supplements is to enhance a man or a woman's performance in the bedroom. The issues addressed by these supplements ranges in important bedroom aspects.

2. Lasting Longer
For men who have a problem holding off on ejaculating until their partner has reached orgasm, supplements that enable them to last longer are beneficial.

3. Sex Drive
Some men and women experience a lack of sex drive. This can cause serious tension in long term relationships and marriage.

4. Libido
Libido enhancing supplements that boost sex drive work on various aspects of the human body to help stimulate the person and create arousal. These work differently in men and women.

5. Desire
Desire can be boosted by certain sexual supplements, though this is one of the more questionable aspects of these supplements as it is almost impossible to measure desire.

6. Mood
There are many different sexual supplements that address and boost a person's mood to create desire. However, as with any mood elevators, it is difficult to determine whether the supplement is causing the rise in mood as mood is impossible to measure.
7. Arousal
Arousal is another major issue with both men and women that can be helped with supplements. It is easier to measure the effectiveness in men than it is in women.

8. Ejaculate
Certain supplements boast the ability to increase a man's ejaculate.

9. Volume
Some men want to increase the volume of semen they produce in each ejaculation. These supplements are generally used in the pornography industry, though they are available to the public.

10. Orgasms
The ability to reach orgasm and the duration of an orgasm are two very important aspects of a sexual encounter. Some supplements attempt to treat these two problems.

11. Duration
The duration of an orgasm is thought to be able to be enhanced by certain sexual supplements. Again, these are mostly sought after by women, though some men purchase them as well.

12. Frequency
The frequency of erection in a man may be very important, and there are several sexual supplements that can boost the amount of erections a man can obtain.

13. Duration
The duration of time that a man's erection lasts is the most important factor in these types of sexual supplements. This can greatly affect his partner's enjoyment of sex.

14. Penis
For some men, the size of their penises is a point of embarrassment. For these men, there are several penis enlargement supplements.
15. Length
The length of a man's penis can affect his partner's enjoyment of sex by whether or not it reaches the g-spot. Penis enhancement supplements can help this problem.

16. Hardness
The ability of a man to penetrate his partner depends in part on the hardness of his penis during erection. Certain supplements can help with this problem, though this is not generally the sole purpose of such supplements.

17. Breasts
Some women feel they need larger breasts, and this feeling affects their sex lives. If they do not want breast augmentation surgery, they might try a breast enhancing supplement.

18. Acetylcholine
This is a chemical that occurs in the human body; in men it facilitates the achievement of erection.

19. Nitric Oxide
This is the chemical responsible for the engorgement of the human body's sexual organs such as the penis and the clitoris.

20. Dopamine
Dopamine is responsible for a person's mood. This can also affect the sexual desire, libido, sex drive, and alertness to sexual advances.

21. Serotonin
Serotonin can actually inhibit a person's sex drive. In fact, a person's libido can be significantly decreased as the result of too much serotonin.

22. Epinephrine
Epinephrine increases a person's mood and sex drive. However, the downfall of epinephrine is the decreased ability to achieve an erection.

23. Norepinephrine
Increasing mood, sex drive and alertness are the main things that are affected by the presence of norepinephrine. It can decrease the ability to achieve and erection.

24. Drugs
Certain drugs have been used to combat sexual dysfunction problems.

Some of these drugs have been tested by the FDA of the United States, while others have not.

25. Natural Supplements
There are several naturally occurring chemicals that are used in treating sexual dysfunction. Some of these are precursors to body chemicals and others are herbs.

26. Placebo Effect
There has been a lot of speculation about whether or not sexual supplements work. Some people feel that these supplements merely convince the mind to fix the problem on its own, creating what is known as the placebo effect.

27. Enzyte
A daily tablet that contains plant extracts to enhance the size of a man's penis. This product has not been tested by the FDA of the United States.

28. Elexia
Elexia is an herbal supplement for men that claims to naturally enhance a man's sexual performance and stamina. It contains L-Arginine and Yohimbe.

29. Pro-Erex
Pro-Erex is a supplement that enhances performance by boosting sexual desire and also helps with erectile dysfunction. It also claims to be a penis enlargement supplement. It has not been approved by the FDA of the US.

30. Vahard
A sexual supplement that claims to help erectile dysfunction; it also can boost a man's libido.

31. VasoRect
VasoRect is a men's supplement that claims to increase stamina and hardness. It also says it boosts sexual desire and performance. It has not been approved by the FDA of the US.

32. Libido-Max
This is a natural sexual supplement; Libido-Max is thought to increase libido in both men and women, though it has not been approved by the FDA.

33. Big Daddy
This is a sex supplement that is for men. It is thought to treat all of the possible sexual dysfunction problems a man might encounter. It has not been approved by the FDA.

34. Vixen
A sex supplement that is marketed toward women, this pill is said to treat problems with libido. It has not been approved by the FDA>

35. ProLab HGW
This is an herbal sexual supplement that increases libido and sexual function. It has not been approved by the FDA.

36. Maxaman
This is another sexual supplement for men that claims to increase desire and performance. It contains Arginine. It has not been approved by the FDA.

37. Arginine
Arginine is an amino acid found in almost all foods. It is converted into nitric oxide in the human body. Supplements like Enzyte, VasoRect, and Maxaman contain this amino acid.

38. Yohimbe
Elexia, Enzyte and Libido-max contain this bark that is a naturally occurring source of Yohimbine.

39. Yohimbine
Yohimbine is a drug that was approved by the FDA to treat erectile dysfunction, but its primary use was to dilate pupils.

40. Ginseng
Big Daddy, Enzyte, VasoRect and Vahard all contain this Asian plant that stimulates the release of nitric oxide in the body.

41. Ginkgo Biloba
VasoRect, Vixen and ProLab HGW contain the leaves from this type of tree which are thought to increase blood flow.

42. Maca
Enzyte and Pro-Erex contain this traditional aphrodisiac that is actually a root vegetable.

43. Horny Goat Weed
Libido-Max and Pleasure Pill are two supplements that contain this plant.

In myth, it was said to make goats wild when they looked at it. It is an aphrodisiac that is used to treat libido problems and impotence.

44. Tribulus Terrestris
Enzyte, Suregasm and Vahard all contain this herb. It treats impotence in men and libido problems in both men and women.


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