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1.        ORAL SEX?
Yes! Oral sex is a very popular way to express your love to your mate with your mouth on their genital parts.

2.        THE CLITORIS
The clitoris and the clitoral orgasm are probably best thought of as the "Main" type of orgasm that a woman can have. The clitoris is her love button and just about any other type of orgasm will only come about if the clitoris is first stimulated. In other words, you cannot bypass her clitoris to get to something more intense.

Her clitoris is very sensitive with thousands of nerve endings in it, and hard pressure on the clitoris can be a turn off for her. On the flip side, too light a pressure can fail to bring about any sensation at all. There is only one way to discover the correct amount of pressure for her and that is to ask her for feedback. You can also keep an eye on her responses. You will know when the pressure is right, and let her be the one who decides on that.

Her first orgasm of the night may very well be the one that is the most time consuming to get to. This is why it is important that you slow down and take your time. Help her get to that first orgasm and the others will come more quickly and easily.

For most women, direct clitoral stimulation is what leads to fantastic orgasm. Unfortunately, the penis of a man is often unable to provide that stimulation.

This can be especially true in the missionary style position of sex. Fingers and tongues, however, can provide excellent contact with her clitoris.

6.        69
This position has been around for a long time, which may account for why people think of it as being a good position. In fact, this is one of the worst positions for oral sex. The basics of this position are that she lies on top of you, working on your erection with her mouth and hands, as you work on her vagina. A couple of reasons why this is not ideal include the fact that you have to bear her weight on your chest. That can become uncomfortable.

Another reason this position is not so good is that it is difficult to concentrate on what you are doing when she is distracting you with her attentions. And vice versa. There is a lack of focus with this position and that can hinder the pleasure for both of you.

7.        STRADDLING
Many men and women love this position. In this position, she straddles his face and presses down on his mouth. The problem most men have with this position is one of breathing but this problem can be overcome by simply telling her to rise or lower her hips.

8.        ON HER BACK
This is a good all-around position for performing oral sex on a woman. She lies on her back, legs apart, and you settle in between her legs. This position allows you to hold her vaginal lips open with your fingers and offers great access.

This is the same as above except she places her feet on your shoulders. For some people, this position allows deeper access and easier access for play that involves both tongue and fingers.

10.      SITTING
This is not the best method but it can be fun and will work as long as the man is patient. The woman sits on a chair or sofa or side of the bed with her legs open. The man kneels in front of her and does his thing. Access is a bit limited with this one.

11.      STANDING
Performing oral sex on a woman while she is standing up may look good in the movies but it is all but a waste of time in real life. Try it for variety, but do not depend on it to bring her to climax.

12.      FROM BEHIND
Performing oral sex on her while she is on her knees and you are behind her can be tricky at best. You can experiment with this one, but be ready to move to another for the final climax.

You can start by simply licking her slit from bottom to top. Often this act alone is enough to get her to relax a lot. You need to be gentle with this licking, as with all that you do with her.

Use your tongue in various ways. You can lick, insert, flick and circle her inner parts. All of these actions bring about different sensations to her and each can help bring her to a more satisfying climax.

15.      SUCKING
Be gentle with this. Take her clitoris into your mouth by sucking on it. Then gently flick and circle it with your tongue. This can drive her crazy in no time if done correctly.

You can learn to insert your well-lubricated fingers inside of her as you also perform oral sex on her. Move the fingers in and out.

17.      ANAL PLAY
You can also do some anal play with her as you are performing oral sex on her. Simply place your fingertip on her anus and tease it gently. Be careful to not put this same finger into her vagina later. That can lead to infections.

You can purchase G Spot dildos and stimulators that are small enough that they can be used on her G Spot as you continue to perform oral sex on her. Many women find this to be the most intense form of oral sex.


19.      PENIS
The penis is one of his most sensitive areas, but even the penis has different areas that bring about different sensations. Some of the more common areas on the penis that bring pleasure follow.

20.      GLANS HEAD
The glans head is the top of his penis. This is the head of his penis and is often flared during erection. The glans is loaded with nerve endings and this area is highly sensitive to any kind of touching. It is a little known fact that stimulating the glans alone can bring a man to climax. Men who have foreskin attached are even more sensitive in this area.

21.      FRENULUM
This is a very small area that is on the underside of the penis. It can look like a "Y" and this area is very sensitive to touch. Any light touching on this area will bring about pleasure to most men, but the touch should be light and gentle.

22.          Scrotum
The scrotum can be highly sensitive to touch as well. You may want to try this: fondle his testicles gently in one hand and then lightly suck or lick the scrotum (try getting one or both testicles in your mouth and humming), but be gentle in this area.

23.      The Perineum
The area between the scrotum and the anus is called the perineum. There are many nerve endings in this area, making it sensitive to any type of touching. You may want to use just a drop of oil in this area and touch or rub it for him as you use your mouth on his penis.

24.      Anus
Some men will find that anal play is very erotic to them as you perform oral sex on them. Others will not enjoy anal play at all, or may need more time to get used to it. The area around the anus itself is very sensitive to touch. You do not need to penetrate his anus to bring pleasure to him in this area. On the other hand, some men enjoy anal penetration to a great degree. You should talk about this with him beforehand.

25.      Prostate
For those men who are not opposed to anal penetration, you may wish to stimulate his prostate gland as you perform oral sex on him. To do this you will need to insert a finger into his rectum and move it nearly straight back and downward. When you feel the prostate gland, gently massage it with your fingertip. Do not be surprised if he comes while you do this.

26.      Combination
Do not be afraid to use these tips in combination. You can, for example, use one hand to massage his prostrate gland while you also perform oral sex on him.

27.      Glans and Perineum
Another erotic combination is to use your tongue on his glans head as you gently stroke his perineum area. Again, do not be surprised if he ejaculates during this.

28.      Practice
Some women will gag when they try to take too much of him into her mouth; some men are not used to the wetness that a woman can produce when she is really turned on. A good way to overcome these obstacles is to practice on each other.

29.      Books
There are many books available (like this one!) that discuss the various forms of oral sex for both men and women. You and your mate may wish to look at some of these to get some ideas.

30.      Videos
There are tons of videos dedicated to oral sex for both men and women. You and your partner may wish to watch a few of these to get some pointers or to learn some new tricks.

31.      Can't swallow
Some women find it difficult to swallow a man's semen. If this is the case, try taking his semen into your mouth and then discreetly spitting it out afterwards.


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