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1. Head
A person's head is the first thing you should pay attention to. Not only is it far from their genitalia, but it is home to the most powerful erogenous zones: the eyes and brain. Rub the scalp and caress the sides of the face.

2. Brain
The human brain is usually the first thing that a person knowingly or unknowingly appeals to when meeting and trying to attract someone else. Charm your partner with compliments and sexual talk.

3. Eyes
Before you have even spoken to your partner, you have used your eyes to feel attraction or emit attraction. Dress in sexy clothing or move seductively to appeal to your partner's eyes.

4. Back Of Head
The back of the head has a lot of sensitive spots. The base of the skull is sensitive, as is the top. Give your partner a scalp massage.

5. Face
A person's face has tons of receptive areas. Kiss or touch your partner's eyelids, nose, mouth, and cheeks.

6. Lips
Lips are a very prominent erogenous zone. Kissing, licking, nibbling and touching the lips can elicit arousal.

7. Ears
Kissing or licking ears and earlobes are some of the most erotic and pleasurable ways to stimulate this erogenous zone. Sucking on your partner's earlobes is very popular as well.

8. Neck
Both the front and back of the neck are important erogenous zones.

Running your fingertips or tongue along your partner's hairline is a good technique.

9. Shoulders
Rub your partner's shoulders. Kiss and nibble his or her shoulders towards the base of the neck as well.

10. Upper Back
The upper back is another spot for massage. While the back is not a specific erogenous zone, many people feel massages are especially erotic.

11. Middle Back
Again, the middle back isn't actually considered a major erogenous zone; however, using fingertips or fingernails on this body part can heighten arousal.

12. Lower Back
The lower back is quite sensitive. By using your lips, tongue and fingers on this spot it is easy to arouse your partner.

13. Buttocks
The buttocks can be massaged to produce a relaxing or arousing sensation. You can also kiss, lick or nibble the buttocks.

14. Arms
Your arms and your partner's arms are full of nerve endings that often get ignored. Just lightly tickling your partner's arms is exhilarating.

15. Hands
Touching your partner's hands with your fingertips, performing a hand massage, or kissing your partner's hand can be more erotic than you might think.

16. Fingers
As part of a hand massage, start at the fingers, rubbing and gently pulling your fingers down your partner's fingers. Kiss, lick or suck your partner's fingertips, or put their fingers in your mouth.

17. Palms
Palms have tons of nerve endings. Tickle, lick or kiss your partner's palms. Using your fingertips or fingernails, run your fingers over your partner's palms in a circular motion.

18. Wrists
Kiss your partner's wrists. Run the tip of your tongue along the inside of your partner's wrists. End your hand massage at the wrists by rubbing them with your thumbs.

19. Forearms
While the inside of the forearms are the most sensitive, don't forget to pay attention to the outside. Use your fingertips or fingernails to lightly tickle your partner's forearms.

20. Upper Arms
Since the upper arms lead to the underarms, the inside of the upper arms are quite sensitive. Run the tip of your tongue along the inside of your partner's upper arms; tickle the outside.

21. Elbows - Outside
The outside of elbows aren't specific erogenous zones. Pay attention to them when giving a full body massage and tickle them when tickling your partner's arms.

22. Elbows - Inside
The inside of the elbows are a fantastic area. This erogenous zone generally likes soft kisses and tickles. Using feathers on these parts works well, too.

23. Underarms
The underarms can be too sensitive. Ask your partner first before tickling them there too much. Do not tickle hard - use soft, gentle touches to produce an arousing feeling.

24. Chest
A woman's chest and a man's chest are essentially the same when talking about the area above the nipples. This area is sensitive to kisses and gentles touches.

25. Nipples
Sucking, licking and pinching are three great ways to attend to this special erogenous zone. Be sure to be relatively gentle when pinching unless your partner requests otherwise.

26. Breasts
A woman's breasts are very sensitive. This is a woman's most significant erogenous zone aside from her genitals. Licking, sucking, nibbling, touching and squeezing are all appropriate. Be careful as some women have very sensitive breasts.

27. Chest - Men
A man's chest is generally less sensitive, so harder touches and caresses are generally acceptable here. Kisses, licking, and tickling are other good ideas.

28. Stomach
Running your fingertips over your partner's stomach is a good way to gauge how sensitive they are. Tickling is a good choice, but never be too rough as it can be painful for those who are sensitive.

29. Belly Button
The belly button is quite responsive, especially on women. Licking and tickling are good choices here. Some people even eat whipped cream or cherries from their partner's belly button.

30. Pubic Area
The pubic area, or area above the genitals, is extremely sensitive. Even lightly running your tongue along this line of skin can make your partner very excited.

31. Hips
A woman's hips are generally more susceptible to touches and tickles than a man's hips. Make your fingers into a "C" shape, grip your partner's hip and squeeze quickly. This will produce a tickling sensation.

32. Genitalia
Male and female genitalia are, of course, the number one erogenous zones. There are different techniques for each area, and these techniques depend on the personal preferences of the receiver.

33. Vagina
During oral sex, gently licking or sucking the different parts of the vagina can induce orgasm. Touching, fondling and fingering can also produce an orgasm.

34. Labia
While the labia are fairly sensitive, women who have pubic hair sometimes cannot feel tongue play or light touches here. Woman who shave or wax can feel these better. Licking, sucking, and gentle stoking touches are best for the labia.

35. Clitoris
There are many, many techniques to arouse a woman by attending to her clitoris. In general, touching, rubbing, licking, sucking and stroking are good choices.

36. Licking
Licking the clitoris is most women's favorite techniques. There is a multitude of ways to do this. If you are a woman, tell your partner what feels good. If you are her partner, listen to what she says and pay attention to the way she responds to different techniques.

37. Circular
Put your tongue on the clitoris. Moving your tongue or entire head in a circular motion, run your tongue in that direction over the clitoris. Don't be afraid to pay attention to the surrounding areas as well, but concentrate on the center.

38. Vertical
Place your tongue on the clitoris and run your tongue up and down the clitoris. You can use just the tip of your tongue or you can use your entire tongue. Change speeds to see what she likes.

39. Horizontal
Move your tongue back and forth over the clitoris. You can move your tongue from the top to the bottom of the clitoris while you do this. Again, vary speeds to see how she responds.

40. Sucking
Put your lips around the clitoris. Gently suck on the clitoris. Use your tongue to stimulate the clitoris while you are sucking on it. Only suck harder if she requests it.

41. Touching
Using your fingers to stimulate the clitoris is also a great option. Gentle touches are very arousing, while harder touches can obtain an orgasm. Do not be too rough with a woman's clitoris until she requests rougher touches.

42. Rubbing
Use the tips of your fingers to gently stroke the clitoris. You can rub in a vertical, horizontal, or circular motion. Vary the technique and speed to her responses. Be sure that your fingers are lubricated.

43. Anus - Women
The anus is a very volatile area. Some women really enjoy anal play, while others do not. Ask your partner before starting anal play. Use your fingers to penetrate her anus. Lick or suck her anus during oral play.

44. Anus - Men
Again, this is a very volatile area. Some men really like to have their partner put their finger into their anus. Some men like to have their anus licked. However, some men do not want this area attended to. Ask your partner before you do anything.

45. Penis
This is a man's most sensitive erogenous zone. Licking, sucking, touching, rubbing and stroking are all acceptable forms of contact for the penis. Never be rough with a man's penis unless he requests it.

46. Massaging
Gentle massage of the penis is done by using the fingertips to touch the penis in light or slightly firmer strokes.

47. Rubbing
Gripping the penis with your fingers or your entire hand, gently rub the penis. Make sure your hand is lubricated.

48. Stroking
Grip the penis with your entire hand. Close your hand around it. Gentle rub your hand up and down the shaft of the penis. Use a circular motion if you want.

49. Sucking
Place the penis in your mouth. Pull your teeth back away from the penis and use your tongue to massage it. Move your mouth down the penis to a comfortable place in your mouth or throat. Repeat. Do not put the penis too deep in your throat.

50. Licking
Run your tongue up and down and all over the penis. Use your entire tongue to stimulate the penis. You can even move down to the testicles if he requests it.

51. Teasing
Using the tip of your tongue to tease your partner's penis is a popular technique to use to arouse him or create anticipation. Run the tip of your tongue over his penis paying special attention to the head.

52. Head of the penis
The head of the penis is the most sensitive part. Pay close attention to this area whether you are using your tongue or hands. The underside of the head is often the most responsive spot.

53. Testicles
Leave the choice of whether or not to touch a man's testicles up to the man. If your partner wants his testicles stimulated, use your tongue, mouth (move your teeth away from the testicles), and gentle caresses.

54. Perineum
The space between the penis or vagina and the anus is a very sensitive spot. Using your tongue or fingers to massage this spot is often erotic. Some people do not like this so check with your partner first.

55. Thighs
The thighs are extremely sensitive and responsive because they are so close to the genitals. Using your tongue or fingertips to stimulate this area before oral play is a good was to raise desire.

56. Knees - Front
The front of your partner's knees may not be very sensitive, but you should not ignore them when giving a full body massage or tickle.

57. Knees - Back
The backs of your partner's knees are highly sensitive. Just like the inside of the elbows, this area should be attended to with kisses, soft tickles and touches.

58. Calves
When you are beginning oral play, the calves are a good thing to use to work your way up to the genitals. Use your tongue or fingertips to stimulate this area.

59. Ankles
The ankles are very sensitive, especially on the insides. Use your tongue or gentle tickling strokes to arouse your partner.

60. Feet
The feet are very susceptible to tickling. Tickle your partner's feet very softly until you know how he or she will react.

61. Toes
Sucking or licking your partner's toes can be a very erotic sensation. This is a fetish for some people, both as the giver and the receiver. Discuss this with your partner before trying it.  

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