Thursday, January 5, 2012


For Him:

1.        Can men have multiple orgasms?
Yes. But unlike women who can have several orgasms within a short period of time, men are usually limited to two or three.

2.        Are multiple orgasms common in men?
It depends on the male and on the circumstances. Like women, not all men will have multiple orgasms, all the time. This does not mean that anything is wrong with him, just that his seminal sac is empty.

3.        Longer equals stronger
In general, the longer you play with his erection before he comes, the more explosive the ejaculation will be, and the more semen will come out with that one ejaculation.

4.        Shorter equals weaker
By the same token, if you bring him to climax rather quickly, chances are that some of the semen will not be released allowing for another orgasm within a few minutes. This is not a hard and fast rule and, again, several factors can play into it.

5.        Rest period
Almost all men require some rest time between ejaculations. This is normal and the amount of time needed will depend on the man. There is no pat answer for how long is long enough.

6.        Orgasm vs. Ejaculation
Many men have learned that it is possible to ejaculate without having an orgasm (the so called wet dream), but men may not yet realize that they can also have an orgasm without ejaculating. This is a technique that many men should learn in order to prolong sexual pleasure.

7.        Practice
If multiple ejaculations are important to you and your partner, you can try practicing by masturbating him. When he comes the first time, quickly squeeze the bottom of his shaft. You will need to squeeze hard. This should cut off the current flow. Rest a few minutes and then masturbate him again.

8.        Oral
If you want multiple ejaculations while performing oral sex on him, do as above while your mouth is on him. You may also want to suck hard at the moment you squeeze his shaft.

9.        Diet
Feeding him or suggesting that he feed himself a well balanced diet can help a great deal in the production of semen. In general, any healthy diet will allow for the production of semen, and conversely, an unhealthy diet can decrease the amount of semen that is produced.

10.      Avoid alcohol
Alcohol will not help produce semen, regardless of what you and he may have heard in the past. In fact, too much alcohol will decrease his performance level.

11.      Man to man
It is also very important to remember that men will vary in their ability to produce semen. As mentioned above, some men simply produce more than other men. This should not be a reflection, good or bad, on your man.

12.      Age matters
As men age they produce less semen. Some women who have been in long term relationships with the same man will begin to notice this. Again, it is not you. His body is changing and this is simply the law of nature at work.

For Her

13.      Stimulation Methods
She can be stimulated through clitoral stimulation and G Spot stimulation, as well as through fisting and anal play and penetration.

14.      Clitoral Orgasms
A woman can have a clitoral orgasm. This happens when her clitoris is stimulated either by your fingers, tongue, or penis.

15.      Foreplay
You cannot dismiss foreplay. Women need to be brought into the moment and this begins with foreplay.

16.      Clitoris vs. G spot
Do not be confused about this. The clitoris is separate from the G spot. They are two different areas of the vagina. The G spot is close to the clitoris but it is not the clitoris.

17.      Finding the G Spot
One of the best ways to locate a woman's G spot is to sit between her legs. Insert your middle finger into her vagina with your palm facing upwards.
Crook your finger as if you are doing the "come here" gesture while running your fingertip along the top wall of her vagina. When you get close to the pubic bone area, you are at the G spot.

18.      Cumming and Squirting
During an ejaculatory orgasm the women will release fluid. This "cum" can travel from a third of an inch to over three feet (known as squirting). The first time you see this happen it may surprise you. It may even frighten you! Be prepared for it.

19.      Manual Stimulation
Most women love to have their vagina's stroked. Some women enjoy having their vaginal lips stroked lightly while others prefer a more heavy touch. This depends on your woman. Regardless of which touch she prefers, spend some time stroking her and teasing her.

20.      Oral Stimulation
To help get her G spot aroused you can spend time kissing her and licking her vagina. Going down on her is a great way to get her to relax, which is a key to G spot arousal.

21.      Finger Stimulation
When she is moist and relaxed, you may insert your finger into her vagina and begin teasing and touching her G spot and the area that surrounds her G spot. You will often feel her arousal as the G spot begins to swell.

22.      Direct Stimulation
Once her G spot begins to swell (and you can usually feel this if you pay attention) you can begin to stroke the tissue. The pressure that you want to apply will depend on your woman. Some like to have the area stimulated lightly while others prefer a heavy touch. Some like the stimulation to be slow, others prefer fast. If you are not sure which she enjoys, ask her.

23.      Finger and Tongue
This one may take a bit of practice but it is a winner. As you are pleasing your woman with your tongue slip a finger inside her vagina and begin stimulating her G spot. This can feel a bit awkward but once you master this technique, she will adore you forever.

24.      Prolonged Stimulation
You must remember that in order for a woman to have a G spot ejaculation orgasm she needs to be stimulated for a prolonged period of time. Now, prolonged can have different meanings to different women. For some women a few minutes are long enough, while for others more time is necessary.
Regardless of the amount of time it takes, investing in her pre-orgasm arousal will pay off for both of you.

25.      On Her Back
The woman lies on her back, legs spread apart, as the man sits between her legs. He can easily insert his fingers into her and he can also watch her expressions to see what is working and what is not working.

26.      On Her Knees
The woman kneels with her knees apart. The man is in front of her. This  allows for complete access into her vagina and it also allows for her to push against his fingers to help control the pressure that she is receiving.

27.      Back and Side
The woman lies on her back, legs apart as the man lies next to her. He reaches either over her thigh or under her thigh to gain access to her vagina. For some women, this closeness is important in her journey to complete surrender.

Advanced Male Orgasm Tips

28.      Prostate Glad Stimulation
It is possible in some men to achieve multiple ejaculations through stimulating the prostate gland. This involves anal penetration with either finger or toys and it should be discussed before it is attempted.

29.      Lubrication
Before inserting a finger or toy in the anus, the finger or toy should be well lubricated with a water soluble lubricant. Do not use oil-based lubes for any type of penetration activity.

30.      Where is it?
The prostate gland is about the size of walnut. It is located toward the front of the male, if you are behind him.

31.      How to touch it
With your finger inserted into the rectum, you gently massage the area that is forward (toward his front). In most cases, he will be able to tell you when you are touching it. In healthy adult males, this can bring about ejaculation.

32.      Using anal toys
If you prefer to use an anal toy to touch his prostate, make sure that the head of the toy is blunt. No sharp objects allowed! In most cases, a vibrating toy is best for this purpose as it does not need to make precise contact in order to bring him to climax.

33.      Glans Head Stimulation
The very top of the penis is called the glans head. This is the most sensitive part of his penis. You can bring him to climax by stimulating this part of his penis with your tongue or with a gentle vibrator.

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