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1. Anal sex is not for everyone
Though you might want to have anal sex, your partner may not, and vice versa. But it can be a safe and pleasurable act to place objects, like penises or sex toys into the anal opening.

2. Sanitation
Cleanliness is very important when it comes to anal sex. Be certain that both parties wash themselves thoroughly before beginning. If you are using a dildo for penetration, be certain to wash this as well.

3. Cleaning up the mess
If you were giving, remove the condom and wash your penis thoroughly.
If you did not use a condom, this is especially important. Urinate to force any bacteria from your penis.

4. The Traditional Missionary
The missionary position, with the receiver on her/his back, and the giver on top between the receiver's legs is standard, but can cause the problem of too deep a penetration for a first timer.

5. Spooning is Fun
This position with the giver laying behind the receiver, alongside the receiver's body, with both people on their side can give the receiver the added benefit of being able to squeeze her/his legs together to slow the penetration; also this will control the depth of penetration.

6. Spooning, Leg Up
Again, both people lie on their sides; the giver lies behind the receiver alongside the receiver's body. Lifting the receiver's top leg can make penetration easier.

7. Lying Down
The receiver lies on her/his stomach while the giver lies on top of the receiver. Penetration and depth control are similar to the spooning position.

8. On Her/His Back
The receiver lies on her/his back and the giver kneels between the receiver's knees. This position makes penetration easy but allows the receiver little control.

9. On Her/His Back, Legs Elevated
Again, the receiver lies on her/his back and the giver kneels below the receiver. In this version, the receiver puts her/his legs on the shoulders of the giver.

10.Doggy Style
The receiver gets on her/his hands and knees and the giver positions himself behind the receiver. This is the optimum position for anal sex as it allows for easy penetrations and gives the receiver control over depth.

11.Sitting Upright
The giver sits upright in a chair or on a couch and the receiver sits on the giver's lap. Gravity can cause deeper penetration this way, but experienced receivers have the control in this position.

The giver lies on the bed on his or her back. The receiver straddles the
giver and faces him/her. Penetration is deep but the receiver has control.

13.Reverse Cowgirl/Cowboy
The giver lies on the bed and the receiver straddles the giver facing away from him. Again, this position allows for deep penetration but is controlled by the receiver.

For anal sex, lubrication is absolutely necessary. You can use any type of lube, included flavored lubes, but self-heating lubes are not recommended. If the anus is not lubricated, physical damage to the anal cavity can occur.

It is very important that the receiver be able to control penetration. The giver must be receptive to the receiver's suggestions about the depth and speed of penetration.

16.Vagina To Anal Penetration
If you have been having vaginal sex and want to switch to anal sex, remove your current condom and put on a new one. If you are not using a condom, clean your penis or other apparatus thoroughly.

Some receivers will have minor to intense discomfort. Some initial minor discomfort is to be expected, but something more severe is a sign of a problem that needs to be addressed.

Mild to severe pain is not normal and anal penetration should not proceed in this situation.

If the receiver is experiencing any problems with anal penetration, the act should stop immediately. The giver and the receiver need to agree beforehand that the receiver has the final decision about whether or not the act continues.

20.Sex Toys
For male anal penetration or for female/female anal penetration, sex toys are a terrific option. There are many different options out there! Even female penetration by a male can be done with sex toys!

Dildos come in all different sizes and shapes. Pick one that is on the small side for first time users. These should be washed thoroughly before and after use.

Strap-on dildos are a great way to switch roles or to provide penetration for lesbian couples. A strap-on dildo should be washed well before and after use.

Vibrators add a new dimension to anal penetration. The vibrations can stimulate the entire anal area, including the prostate in men and the g- spot in women.

Some people feel that the receiver should give herself or himself an enema before engaging in anal sex. This is a good idea, and provides a cleaner anal cavity.


  1. Lubricant is substance, such as oil, gel or grease, used for minimizing friction. It is a slippery fluid which may replace natural secretions produced in the vagina upon sexual arousal.
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