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1. What?
The g-spot, or the Gräfenburg Spot, is a bundle of nerve endings located inside the vagina. Stimulation of this area creates powerful orgasms in women.

2. Where?
The g-spot is located between 1"and 3" up inside the vagina on the back or anterior wall.

3. How?
The g-spot is stimulated by penile, digital, or sex toy insertion. There are many ways to stimulate the g-spot through each type of penetration.

4. Why?
It is not clearly understood why the g-spot works, only that some women experience powerful orgasms when this spot is stimulated.

5. When?
Women experience g-spot stimulation induced orgasms during sex, foreplay and masturbation.

6. Knowledge
It is important to know about your female partner's g-spot since g-spot stimulation can lead to sexual satisfaction.

7. What It Looks Like
Scientists and researchers have not been able to actually see the g-spot.
In fact, there are many doctors and researchers who do not believe it exists. This is highly debated, especially by women.

8. What It Feels Like
The g-spot feels rougher or more ridged than the rest of the vagina.
When the woman is aroused or when the g-spot is stimulated, it feels spongy.

9. What Happens To It
When a woman's g-spot is stimulated, the g-spot not only changes texture (becomes spongy), but it can also grow.

10. Women Who Know
Women who are very familiar with their bodies are often aware of their g- spots and how to best stimulate them. Listen to your female partner and she will tell you how to please her.

11. Women Who Don't Know
Some women have never experienced an orgasm as a result of g-spot stimulation. In this case, research in the form of experimentation is best.

12. Women Who Can't
Some women cannot achieve an orgasm through g-spot stimulation. There are many reasons why this might happen.

13. Why Not? - Relaxation
Some women feel inhibited during sex. This can cause a mental block to having an orgasm. Relaxation is the best way to achieve orgasm in any form.

14. Why Not? - Incorrect Technique
Some women have never used the correct stimulation techniques to stimulate their g-spots. Knowledge about what to expect and how to find the g-spot can help this problem.

15. Why Not? - Communication
Women who feel inhibited during sex often feel awkward communicating what they like. Telling your partner what feels good, what to do, and how to do it can make all the difference.

16. Why Not? - Pain/Discomfort
Some women experience pain or discomfort when their g-spot area is stimulated. This can be the result of many things, including mental block. However, if the pain is severe, she should see a doctor to be sure nothing is physically wrong.

17. Women Who Struggle
When a woman is struggling with achieving orgasm through g-spot stimulation, she should not be made to feel deficient. She should be encouraged. If it cannot happen, that is completely normal.

18. Women Who Can Sometimes
There are some women who can only achieve orgasm through g-spot stimulation every once in a while. Sometimes even using the same technique or position will not produce the orgasm again. This is also normal.

19. Women Who Always Can
While some women struggle, a lucky few can orgasm from g-spot stimulation every time. These women usually orgasm through intercourse and other forms of penetration, as well as masturbation.

20. Women Who Ejaculate
Female ejaculation is rare but real. This is the expenditure of fluid form the urethra as a result of g-spot stimulation.

21. Men Who Know
Some men are very aware of the g-spot on their female partners. These men generally have a lot of experience with women who are familiar with their own bodies; or, they have researched the issue.

22. Men Who Don't Know
Some men are not aware of the g-spot, or they have not had any experience with female partners who know their bodies. If they are willing, these men can learn.

23. Stimulation
Stimulation of the g-spot can be done with any number of techniques and methods. A sex toy, penis, or fingers can produce an orgasm if applied correctly.

24. Touching
Gently touching the g-spot can elicit and orgasm in some women who are extremely sensitive. However, in most women, further stimulation is required.

25. Rubbing
Rubbing the g-spot is a much better way to produce orgasm. The rubbing can be done with a finger, penis or dildo.

26. Back and Forth
Using your finger or a sex toy, come into contact with the g-spot and move back and forth over it. Vary speeds and pressure to produce an orgasm.

27. Up and Down
Moving your finger, penis or sex toy up and down over the g-spot canproduce and orgasm. Again, speed and pressure varies from woman to woman.

28. Massaging
Massaging the g-spot is usually best performed by digital penetration, though a sex toy can also be used. This involves greater pressure directly on the g-spot.

29. Circular
Using your fingers, place your fingertips on the g-spot and move then in a circular motion.

30. Poking
Insert your fingers, penis, or desired apparatus into the vagina and come in direct contact with the g-spot. Push against the g-spot gently and then progressively harder.

31. Fingers
By using the fingers, the g-spot can be more directly and accurately stimulated. There are several ways to do this.

32. "Cum Here"
Insert two fingers into the vagina and find the g-spot. Crook your fingers as if you were beckoning someone, and then move them back and forth in the beckoning motion.

33. Jiggling
Insert one or two fingers into the vagina. Find the g-spot and position
your fingers in that area. Move your fingers back and forth coming into contact with the g-spot as you move.

34. Thrusting
Place one or two fingers at the opening of the vagina. Thrust your fingers into the vagina connecting with the g-spot when you enter. Repeat until orgasm is reached.

35. Multiple
Using multiple fingers to penetrate the vagina and stimulate the g-spot can be beneficial because a) many women like to feel the penetration and b) using more than one finger ensures that you will hit the g-spot.

36. Penis
Using the penis is by far the most enjoyable way to penetrate the vagina and stimulate the g-spot for male partners. Some women prefer this to any other form of penetration as well.

37. Thrusting
With penile penetration, thrusting is usually the most obvious way to stimulate the g-spot.

38. Thrusting - Direct
Place the head of the penis at the opening of the vagina. Push the penis up and into the vagina coming into direct contact with the g-spot. Repeat this connecting with the g-spot every time.

39. Thrusting - Indirect
During vaginal intercourse, penile penetration generally produces some kind of indirect contact with the g-spot. For some women, this indirect stimulation is enough to produce an orgasm.

40. Sex Toys
For some women, masturbation using a sex toy is the only way to achieve orgasm from g-spot stimulation. This is also a great way to add variety to couples' sexual encounters.

41. Dildos
Dildos are available in many different sizes and shapes. There are some dildos that have special curves that are designed to hit the g-spot directly. These are a good investment.

42. Strap-Ons
Strap-ons are a great way to add penetration in a lesbian relationship. Many of these also are designed for g-spot stimulation.

43. Vibrators
Vibrators can offer both g-spot and clitoral stimulation if used at the proper angle. Vibrations on the g-spot can produce an orgasm faster than other methods.

44. Sex Toys - Mutual
Mutual use of sex toys is a great way to stimulate each other's g-spots.
This is especially applicable to lesbian lovers, though it can apply to anyone.

45. Sex Toys - Simultaneous
For lesbians, using a sex toy like a double sided dildo can make simultaneous masturbation and g-spot stimulation even more erotic. Or, you can both masturbate together using separate sex toys (this works for heterosexual couples, too).

46. Sex Toys - Watching
Watching your female partner while she stimulates her own g-spot with a sex toy can be a great way to learn more about her body. It is also very erotic!

47. The Three Keys To G-Spot Stimulation
There are three main keys to producing an orgasm from g-spot stimulation: pressure, speed, and rhythm.

48. Pressure
The amount of pressure applied to the g-spot can determine how hard and fast your female partner orgasms. Some women only need a little pressure, while others need a lot. Some women experience pain with too much pressure.

49. Speed
The speed at which you stimulate the g-spot can control how long it takes for her to orgasm. Again, it is mostly a personal preference, so regulate your speed according to her desires.

50. Rhythm
Again, rhythm affects whether or not she will orgasm. For some women, too much movement hurts; for other women, too little movement doesn't work. Vary your rhythm according to her needs.


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