Monday, May 23, 2011


This position gives you maximum thrusting capability and lets your woman feel you in places she normally doesn't.

Here's What You Need: Just the two of you.

Here's How You Do It: Get your woman naked. You, too. Have her lie on her side. Standing over her, lift your woman's top leg up, resting her foot on your midsection. Now have her extend her other leg out so that it is perpendicular to her body. Next, have her use the corresponding arm (right leg, right arm) to reach out and hold her knee. She has now formed a triangle. The three sides of the triangle are: her body, her leg and her arm. Place one of your feet inside the triangle. Squat down. The leg that was resting on your midsection should now be resting on your shoulder. Enter your woman. Notice how much more control you have squatting as opposed to kneeling. Don't be surprised if she notices, too.

Here's a great technique that will add variety to your oral pleasing talents. It's been around for centuries. But we'll bet your woman has never experienced it -- until now.

Here's What You Need: One candle.

Here's How You Do It: Get your woman naked. Have her lie on her back with her knees bent and legs slightly apart. Light the candle and place it near your woman's head (not too close). Usually, on top of the nightstand will do just fine. If you've got a ceiling fan in your bedroom, turn it on low. Otherwise, any type of fan that will move the air gently around the candle will do. Position yourself so you can pleasure your woman orally and see the flame of the candle at the same time. As the air swirls around the candle and causes to flame to flicker, duplicate the movements of the flame with your tongue. If you like, let your woman know what you're doing so she can anticipate the movements. It's as if the flame itself is pleasuring her. Continue until the flame ignites fireworks in your woman.

Here's an incredibly stimulating technique that gets its name from the back and forth motion you perform with a silk scarf.

Here's What You Need: One long silk scarf. One short silk scarf.

Here's How You Do It: Get your woman naked. Use the short silk scarf to blindfold her and have her stand with her legs slightly apart. Now you stand at your woman's side, facing her. Run the long silk scarf gently over your woman's body. Let her feel it on her arms, breasts, buttocks and legs. After a couple of minutes, place the scarf in between your woman's legs. Hold one end in front of her, the other behind. Essentially, she should be straddling the scarf. Raise both ends of the scarf above your woman's midsection so that the middle barely touches her clitoris and vagina. Glide the scarf back and forth as if you were "buffing" this delicate area. The longer your strokes, the better. Next, lie down on your back with your head in between your woman's feet. Tell her to kneel and, as she does, drape the scarf over your mouth. Using your hands, guide your woman's hips so that her vagina is positioned directly above your mouth. Pleasure your woman orally through the smooth, silk scarf.

Here's a classic technique that seems simple enough, but often times goes horribly wrong. Not for you, though, because now you'll know the secret. Always use non-dairy whipped topping. The diary products in real whipped cream begin to change as they heat up on a person's skin. The whipped cream will emit a foul, "sour milk" type of odor that can really kill an evening. Take it from those who know: non-dairy is the way to go.

Here's What You Need: One can of non-diary whipped topping.

Here's How You Do It: Get your woman naked. Apply whipped topping liberally over your woman's body. Pay special attention to the nipples, navel, bikini line and any other personal erogenous zones you may have discovered. Slowly and delicately lick the whipped topping from your woman's body. Deliberate, pointed flicks of the tongue are generally more stimulating than a flat-tongued motion. Leave the last bit of whipped topping on your tongue and begin to pleasure your woman orally. Reapply the whipped topping to the clitoris and vagina as needed. Continue until your woman lets out a squeal of pleasure that'll make the cows come home.

23.       THE DOUBLE "V"
Give your woman the opportunity to control the speed and depth she gets from you with this classic, but often overlooked, position. Make sure you're freshly showered, though -- her nose is going to be pretty close to your feet.

Here's What You Need: Just the two of you.

Here's How You Do It: Get your woman naked. You, too. Lie flat on your back. Have your woman stand over you, facing your feet. Tell her to kneel, then enter her. Have your woman stretch out completely and wrap her arms underneath your calves. Her hands should be resting on your ankles. As your woman's hips begin to move up and down, match her with thrusts of your own from below.

Here's a very erotic technique that sounds like it originated in Roman times. After you treat her to this one, your woman will definitely be hailing Caesar.

Here's What You Need: One bunch of seedless grapes, chilled.

Here's How You Do It: Get your woman naked. Have her stand with her legs slightly apart. Give her the grapes and tell her to hold them by the stem so that they dangle in front of her vagina. Kneel in front of your woman. Slowly kiss and lick her ankles, calves, knees and thighs, working your way up to the grapes. Begin to pleasure your woman orally. Every so often, pluck one of the grapes from the bunch and hold it between your teeth. Press the chilled grape against your woman's clitoris. Move your head so that you trace circles around it with the grape. Using your tongue, press the grape into your woman's vagina. Let her feel the soft, cold skin of the grape between the moist folds of her own skin, then gently suck the grape back into your mouth and swallow it. Continue until your woman erupts in a leg-quivering orgasm.

25.       ORGASM & M
This is a great little game that's not only fun, but will also help you discover erogenous zones on your woman's body that you never knew existed.

Here's What You Need: One piece of candy-coated chocolate, plain variety.

Here's How You Do It: Get your woman naked. Hand her the candy. Turn out the lights so that the room is completely dark. Tell your woman to lie down and hide the candy somewhere on her body. Depending on where she chooses to hide it, she may need to lick one side in order for it to stick, remaining in place. Once the candy is hidden, it's your job to find it using only your tongue. Glide your tongue over every inch of her body. Take your sweet time. Pay attention to any reaction that you get -- and where your tongue is when you get it (this information will be very valuable whenever the two of you make love in the future). When you finally locate the candy, keep it on the tip of your tongue and press it against your woman's clitoris. Pleasure your woman orally until she melts in your mouth, not in your hands.

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