Monday, May 23, 2011


The cooling sensation of peppermint has never been put to better use than in this technique. Your woman will love it.

Here's What You Need: One glass of peppermint schnapps.

Here's How You Do It: Get your woman naked. Have her lie on her back with her knees bent and legs slightly apart. Pour a small amount of schnapps into your woman's navel. Dip the tip of your tongue into the schnapps and trace small circles around one of your woman's nipples. Blow on it to accentuate the cool feeling. Do the same thing to her other nipple. Again, dip your tongue into the pool of schnapps you've poured into her navel. Run your tongue along both sides of her vagina and gently blow. Pleasure your woman orally, pausing to reapply the schnapps to your tongue.

Here's a great way to stimulate a sensitive, but often neglected, area of your woman's vagina. You may even run across the elusive and controversial "G-spot."

Here's What You Need: One bottle of water-based lubricant.

Here's How You Do It: Get your woman naked. Have her lie on her back with her knees bent and legs slightly apart. Apply a small amount of lubricant to your hands. Gently caress your woman's thighs, stomach and bikini line, gradually increasing the pressure. Delicately squeeze the outer lips of her vagina, one at a time, between your thumb and index finger. Slowly slide up and down the entire length of each lip. Carefully insert your index finger into your woman's vagina. With your palm facing up, draw your index finger up and toward you as if you are summoning a person (you know: the "come here" gesture). Repeat the move at a steady pace, letting your fingertip constantly stimulate the upper wall of her vagina. While continuing to do that with one hand, use the thumb or index finger of your other hand to trace small circles around your woman's clitoris. Keep these two motions going until your woman explodes in a mindnumbing orgasm.

Sports trainers and athletes have always known about the magical qualities of moist heat. Nothing soothes and relaxes the muscles faster and more efficiently. One of them may have even come up with this technique.

Here's What You Need: Two washcloths. One bowl of hot water. One pair of scissors.

Here's How You Do It: Before you're going to make love, cut a three to four inch diagonal slit in the middle of each washcloth. Fill a bowl with hot water and place both of the washcloths in it to soak. Get your woman naked. Have her lie on her back with her knees bent and legs slightly apart. Wring out one of the washcloths. Turn it forty-five degrees so that it looks like a diamond instead of a square. Lay the washcloth over your woman's pubic area. The top of the diamond should be touching her pubic hair. The bottom will be at her anus and both sides will be against her inner thighs. Line the slit up with her vagina and use your hands to press and hold the washcloth in place. Insert your tongue in between the slit and preform your finest oral pleasuring moves. After a couple of minutes the washcloth will have cooled down. No problem. Just put it back in the bowl, wring out the other washcloth, lay it over the same area and continue until your woman achieves one of the "hottest" orgasms she's ever experienced.

Here's a terrific position that heightens the stimulation of the top portion of your woman's vagina.

Here's What You Need: Just the two of you.

Here's How You Do It: Get your woman naked. You, too. Sit up in the bed with your legs extended in front of you. Have your woman kneel above you, straddling your lap. Then, lower her down until you are inside of her. Now have your woman lean all the way back until her head is resting on your legs or ankles. Her knees should be bent so that her feet are underneath her buttocks. You're not going to be able to thrust yourself into her with the same force you can achieve from, say, the missionary position. But the thrusts you do provide will be magnified in their intensity based on the angle at which you are entering her.

What are you going to do when the Captain goes overboard? You've got to rescue him, right?

Here's What You Need: One wintergreen or peppermint breath mint with a hole.

Here's How You Do It: Put the mint in your mouth and give it a couple of minutes to partially dissolve. In the meantime, get you woman naked. Have her lie on her back with her knees bent and legs slightly apart. With the mint still in your mouth, arouse your woman by gently kissing and licking her inner thighs, bikini line and vagina. If your woman is sufficiently aroused, you should be able to spot the clitoris. That's the "Captain." It's your job to rescue him. Move the mint to the tip of your tongue. Press the mint against your woman's clitoris and release it. Using suction, draw the clitoris through the hole in the mint. Flick your tongue as rapidly as you can over the clitoris and mint. Only when your woman reaches orgasm have you successfully "rescued the Captain." If you want to create an entire "Titanic" theme, place an ice cube in your woman's navel.

If you've ever wanted to stimulate those hard-to-reach spots inside your woman's vagina, this is the position to try.

Here's What You Need: Just the two of you.

Here's How You Do It: Get your woman naked. You, too. Have her lie down on either her left or right side. Tell your woman to take whichever leg is on top and raise it towards her chest so that her foot is resting on her other leg's knee. Enter your woman from behind. She will be astonished at how deep you can plunge yourself inside of her. Continue this position until she's "done-dee."

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